Sunday, April 01, 2007

Paxton officially in the BIG BOY bed...he doesn't know he can climb down yet.
SueSue's Garage Sale Bargain...He thinks it is so funny to run into things
Grandpat and Mackey...she is so serious because she just heard Paxton running into the grill with the car.

Handy Man Paxton

This week was yet another exciting ride in motherhood. We are still going to the Pediatrician for weekly weigh-ins. We are up to 9.8 now...we are officially in the 1% now. She is however officially turning over and smiling BIG time at Paxton. She loves him. On another excursion to the pediatrician Paxton got bit by some strange bug and of course it got infected...Lots on ointment and medicine later it has healed nicely. Usually my friend from Dallas Angela and I get together once maybe twice a week but this week we went all out and we got to spend everyday together. She is great. She has Brant who is the same age as Paxton and soon to arrive Morgan who is projected to be the same size as Mackey on her arrival in May. She is the kind of friend who is up for anything and you never have to be dressed up or make-uped. I love it!! Paxton and Brant play so well together...however this week they went from best friends to brothers. They have been at each others throats since Thursday. They actually came over Saturday night and the husbands were able to witness/breakup the pushing. No matter how bad the fighting gets they still hug at the end of every encounter. Another hard situation for mommy occured: Paxton is officially in his big boy bed times 6 days. I however am not ready to get rid of the the sweet little red Jinny Lend crib will wait in the room until mommy has out grown it:) We are always up for excitment at Brook hollow Circle.