Monday, October 27, 2008

We are having A...

Sorry, that was extremely mean of me to post that blog and then not follow-up soon. I had every intention of doing it, but as you can see from the posts below we have been busy.
We are so excited to meet Miss Kirby McCall. Friday morning Mackey came and pointed to my belly and said "girl". Paxton has always said girl. All of her parts organs were in working order and measured like a 19 weeker. Now comes the preparing for Paxton to have his own room and Mackey and Kirby to have a girly' room. I once worried that I would not have the girl to dress up and put bows in her hair... who knew God would bless us immeasurably with two girls!!!

Rusty must have had too many smores... Paxton thought he was big stuff...he drank out of his own 20 ounce.
This crazy city girl had to be taught how to make a smore...shame,shame Melissa.
Check out the firepit...Rusty did well!!
Doodlebop...she is probably trying to convince Tab to make her a smore
The million dollar photo
This Saturday we had a BFG social at our house. It is always a great way to get projects done...throw a party. WE finally after two years built a fire pit. I plan on lots of nights out there. It was so cute to see all the kids dressed in their costumes, can you actually believe that we got that many kids semi-posed for a pic. We are so blessed by our BFG/Sunday School, though it is a large group it always great to have tons of people to hang out with and enjoy a smore.

Go Cards

Go Melissa Cardinals!!! Mackey and Paxton have enjoyed Friday night football this year. Mackey loves wearing her cheerleader outfit!!! Rusty has decided that since his Aggies stink, and the Cowboys are so undisciplined/stink...He have resorted to cheering for the only team winning this season, the Melissa Cardinals!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will we have a Kirby McCauley Cox "Kirby McCall" or a Shepherd Henry Cox "Shep" tomorrow???? Sono scheduled for 10a.m.

Bill Bates Pumpkin Patch

Threesome checking out the cab of the old red truck Carlien and I on the hayride. Sweet Liam wishing he had a sucker like all the other kids.
My group
Paxton and Mrs. Joni, his teacher. He looks really happy about this picture. Really he is smiling and yelling "cheese".
The boys on the infamous red truck
Micah was the man in charge...of the pringles that is. That is one way to be the most popular.
My vet having a laugh with the longhorn.
Third year and counting for the best pumpkin patch in Collin County. We have made the trek, fought the school buses and once again had a great time. Carlien and I were thinking back to last year when it was again pumpkin patch day and once again the coldest day of the year. Today it warmed up to be a great day. North Texas Christian Academy, where Paxton goes to Mother's Day Out, had a field trip for parents and siblings. Of course Mackey thought she was one of the big kids. We opted out of the sack lunch and headed to Chick Fil A instead. The kids had just a great time. They picked the perfect pumpkin, fed the animals, and rode the hayride. We have truly enjoyed the pumpkins this year.

Princess Mackey
Batman and his soccer skills SueSue helping Mackey putt and get some candy...did I mention that Maackey left with no candy in her bucket. She was throwing some serious candy down. Her costume is random but it was too hot to be a poodle
Drive for Show, Put for Dough as Paxton and Rusty say
This was at Paxton's carnival at school.

Round Up on the Range

Feeling a little too much Cowboy spirit...Mack close you legs Tepee's, where Jesus lives
The Cox Family in the stagecoach...heading to the wild, wild west.
We tried to convince him to get a handle bar mustache...he wanted a boot.
Paxton looks like a professional, he thought his horse was awesome she/he had glitter in his hair
Mackey and her horse, no help...too bad horse back riding is so expensive
She is going to be my little vet, she loves animals...
The brave cowboys...they actually got this pic into the McKinney newspaper
Watching the Rodeo
This last weekend we headed over to Round Up on the Range in McKinney. There was face painting, horse back riding, and Real live Indians. The kids had so much fun wearing their cowboy boots and riding the horses. I got so tickled at the Tepee because I asked Paxton if he knew who lived in Tepees and he said, "Jesus". Either he has already learned that the answer is always Jesus or he is super smart and knows that he lives everywhere. We went to the Rodeo with the Williams family and topped the afternoon off with some good Hutchin's BBQ.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall at the Arboretum

This pic is so sweet...Paxton was telling her to be good in the picture because this one would go in daddy's office

The Group minus the Court Family

Mother and Daughter...Yes of course I am tickling her she is not normally that happy to be held Big Beautiful Pumpkins...Makes me hungry for Turkey Paxton at the end of a long day of Running Our Doodlebop We are missing Rusty in this pic... Miss Priss
The Besties also know as "Trouble" Baby Carter lookin' so cute in his pumpkin outfit!! Miss Addi...Wendy and her had been working on smiling. Isn't she cute???
This Friday we took Sheaffer and Baby Carter on their first "Mom" adventure. She kept saying she wished she was making money for all the strollers she saw. The Arboretum is the place to go for beauty, great pics, and LOTS of room for wild children to roam. We ventured their with the Williams and the Courts too!! It was amazing the amount of pumpkins everywhere!!! We enjoyed lunch on the was so nice, luckily someone had turned the "DO NOT CLIMB ON TREE" sign around so Angela and I played dumb (since it was turned we could not see it) while the kids climbed all over the tree for an hour and we enjoyed a great garden cafe brunch. When does that ever happen??? Baby Carter was perfect, barely made a peep:) We picked the perfect day for the Arboretum.


Mackey had her first official haircut. Me shaving the red thick patch off when she was 2 months doesn't count. I was told that in order for the hair to really start growing I had to cut the baby hair a bit. I was nervous that if I cut the curls they would go...BUT they are out and curlier than ever. It wasn't a big hair cut or anything but it counts as the first.


Kensington Kate Shull Sip N See Cake The Hostess...we are so blessed to have such great friends in Sunday School
We were able to welcome Precious Kensington Kate Shull with a Sip N' See. I have already arranged the marriage between Paxton and Kensington. It's the perfect set-up. She's cute, she has great parents, and everybody lives in McKinney.

Fun with the Greats!!

The group before the "Oinking" and the giant kitchen mess Notice the bottle of sprinkles...None of them, not even GG was responsible. They used the entire 4 bottles of sprinkles on 2 dozen cookies. I think Mackey did more eating. A few weeks ago we were blessed by the presence of GG and Whitey two separate days. GG came over and we made homemade Halloween cookies, played GG and Paxton's version of hide and seek, and also read LOTS of books. We discovered on this day what a GREAT oink GG has. She sounds like a big hog and was able to do it several times. I wish I had recorded the laughter coming from my children. The next day we ventured to Walls of Clay with Whitey. We made Christmas plates of the children and painted them...I was so glad that I paid $12/piece for the crap that Mackey painted. It was a plate of poop colored paint. Of course we can't go downtown without a trip to Spoons. The kids were really well behaved and we had a blast. We are so lucky to get to spend time with Great Grandmas...they are of course the grandest people we know.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


First of are about to experience our new camera. Sippee cup+camera+in purse= Ruined camera, hence why we have a new super camera that everyone will get tired of seeing me taking pics. Friday we headed up to Canton for some shopping and then to Liberty City we went. We had a great time hanging out, going to the Pumpkin patch, and even getting some resale shopping in.