Friday, November 24, 2006

The Family...minus Leah who is in Paris and Blair who had to work. "Future Horticulturist" like Grandpat Me with my best friend Scooter...we share kisses and food. Giving a Victory Smile after the BIG AGGIE WIN...
For Thanksgiving since mom could not travel, we celebrated with the Pigg family at SueSue and Grandpat's house. It was very overwhelming...people everywhere. I took a huge liking to Neil...he was my running buddy. We had smoked, fried, and baked turkey with Grandpats special sauce. Piggly Wiggly (Grandma Pigg) was there I loved when she read to me. I really enjoyed giving Aunt Mary a hard time, I would not let her even touch me..I thought it was so funny letting her try and hug me. Uncle John took me into the woods and for a walk while I rode my bicycle. Uncle Kyle was there and I had not seen him in awhile...sorry the pic of us was so terrible. All in all it was great and it ended with a HUGE victory for the dad was so excited!!! It was so fun with Analeise there who instead of choosing to be an Aggie next year will be a T sipper. It was so great to see everyone and hang out as a family. I got to spend more time in the back yard than I could ever dream of...


For Mackey's Christmas present Mommy and Daddy decided to let me build her a teddy bear at the "Build A Bear". I picked out the cutest bear ever and then decided I did not want to give it I built myself and Mackey a bear. Hers is exactly the same except with pink bows on her ears and mine is manly. I have slept every night with Curly and taken him with me to SueSue's so that I can sleep in the afternoon. After all the company and playing I did this week Curly and I needed a cat nap in the car, I was even snoring.

Playing with Cuz'

Randy, Tonya, and Drew came up to see us for the weekend. We had so much fun relaxing and shopping at the mall. I just loved lil' Drew, even though he weighs about 3 more lbs. than I do. I loved hugging him and Laying in his lap. Unfortunately he did not enjoy me in his lap. They are also building a house right next door to Grandma and Big Daddy...boy will we rule the street then....

Updated Pic of the House

Folks...Our builder still says Dec. 20th is the day we can book the movers. I will be induced the 17th...(hopefully) so we are right on schedule to make it in before Christmas!!! The brick is up and we are excited, it is still nerve racking because there is a lot left to do.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Check out the belly... Check out the muscles...
So as you guys all know: having a baby in about three weeks, moving, and building a house...kinda stressful. But the most stressful part is having a VERY active 17 month old. Though he brings many laughs everyday he is the definition of MESS. Anyone who is around understands that getting anything productive done with Paxton around is nearly impossible. This last weekend Grandpat and Rusty were getting all the stuff done from the attic and I out of the corner of my eye noticed that Paxton had some confidence in climbing that attic ladder. After the 3rd successful step with no hesitation, I decided I better stand behind him in case he fell. Needless to say my child successfully climbed all the way up with absolutely no HELP. We can't leave him anywhere alone. We have already picked out the perfect gate for the new house stairs.

The "LUCKY" sucker
Happy Halloween!! Paxton was a FROG and a pretty unhappy one at that. We were so excited about taking him to the church carnival...Brant, the monkey, came up for the big occassion. (His mom and dad think that coming to McKinney from Dallas is like going to Oklahoma). What we thought would be so much fun for a monkey and a frog ended up not being their idea of fun. Apparently waiting in lines for a sucker is not cool. After the first game...the two were DONE. It was also the only cold night of October so the outside bounce houses were out of the question. So we learned...frogs don't do trick or treating. Pregnant mom was expecting Paxton to win her lots of candy, but she was let down when he won one sucker and then was done.