Thursday, May 28, 2009

How many hands does it take to help a baby stop crying
One loved baby...
Sweet Kirb
Is this what Mackey sees when she looks at me...???? Perfect
Field Day 2009
The threesome
We call her "Rustina" because she looks so much like her daddy
Feeding her baby...too bad she can't give her baby nutrients since she herself does not eat well.
So before three kids I used to blog... I am trying to get back on track so I have caught up on the month of May...keep scrolling!!

Who would have ever thought that Kirby would have been so popular among the high school boys...I think I found some babysitters!!!
Bocce Ball...good thing Emily was clutch for the girls.
This year Rusty and I have been so blessed by a group of seniors in high school. We/Rusty has been spending time every Sunday pouring into their lives. What always happens with blessings of service is that you are the one who in turn is blessed. We have had a fabulous time with the kids this year and formed special bonds with each. We are so excited for them and the journey that awaits them.

Can't wait to move to our next adventure together. Sorry Coila I was enjoying your party so much that I only got a pic of the cake...
This next week marks the last week of Rusty and I's mothers being teachers. They have both been fabulous teachers and touched MANY lives. We are so excited about our mothers getting to move from their professional lives to the part where they get to do what the love every morning without the pressure of TAKS and grading. Coila will embark on many camping trips while SueSue will be embarking with me in a new little adventure involving Blueberries (more to come on that).

Lately Paxton has been really pushing Rusty's buttons and doing the Longhorn sign. I am sure the Paxton will come to his senses and realize how poor he will be paying for his own school if he chooses to be a Longhorn. However with John Lee being such good friends with Mac Brown Rusty gritted his teeth and got Paxton's pic taken with a celebrity. Rusty said however that Mac refused to do a "gig em"
Rusty was soooo sweet and gave me a break one day last week. He took Paxton and Mackey to the Byron Nelson...I am pretty sure that makes you "Dad of the Year". Of course Pax and Mac enjoyed the tournament for about 30 minutes...Rusty used Paxton to get signatures like: Freddie Couples, Anthony Kim, and Hunter Mahan on a flag pin. It was a rough day for Rusty but it was so relaxing to only have one child for a couple of hours. I am so lucky to have a hubby who is so hands-on.

Mother's Day was really special this year. I had my three little piggies and feel like our family is so complete. Sunday morning was baby dedication and Kirby was dedicated, it was really special because our family got to dedicate our child with our very special friends, the Slaughters and Miss Ebby Lee. We then went to Mi Cocina and met up with Ashley and loved celebrating a special day with family.
I am so very blessed!!!

Modge Podge letters that I did for Kirby and Mackey
Just wanted to take a picture of their rooms so I can cherish the moments when I got to pick out the bedding and their are no posters stuck to the wall. Paxton really wanted a Spider Man/Batman room. Of course I loved the Pottery Barn super hero room but that is not in my budget so I went with the vintage Batman movie posters and on ebay found the most fantastic Superman poster. He loved it and it made me so happy to please him. For the girls room I made Rusty work hard. Painting three colors, chair railing, and two beds. I absolutely love the way it turned to find another pink antique bed.

Bubbles galore How many cuties can cram into one box...
Her namesake "McCauley" was Grandma K's maiden name...look how precious they are looking at each other.
The always requested picture of all the kids.
Cori and Kirby
Trip to Liberty City...We headed up to spend some time with the Liberty City gang, and BOY did we!! Bubbles, homemade ice cream, and wonderful parks it doesn't get any better than that.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

College Station...

1407 Sunny Court...Lots of good memories! Trying to get a grreat pic of all the kids...nice Mackey
I didn't want to wake up time.
We headed to College Station last weekend to enjoy some baseball, great friends, and the college experience again. We miss College Station...Rusty and I both agreed that we would trade everyone in for just one week of college again. Of course we love each other but college is such a fun experience that you can never have again. The Walls and us laughed at how in college you just think you are stressed and then you get into the real world and oh my...the stress. We loved seeing Ben and Tiff's new home in the process. Tiffany and I had some much fun dreaming about her house and looked at model homes and blueprint plans. We love the Walls and are so glad we have someone to stay with in College Station. Rusty and Ben took Paxton and Mackey took the baseball game. That's very brave men...I think they just feed them $5 snow cones. We had so much fun, thanks Wall family.