Monday, October 23, 2006

Our House

Well, hopefully we are making progress. We have designed cabinets, pick out doors, and there is supposed to be sheet rock and brick this weekend. Our builder says with a smile that hopefully we will be in the house by Dec. and I with a smile remind him that I am due in 8 weeks:)

This is the look of a child about to cause trouble. He is our little "biter". When he is frustrated, he just bites.

Pumpkin Patch

Well, Bill Bates Pumpkin Patch is always a blast. Lately the weather has been in the 80's but of course the one day that my friends and I ventured out there it was in the 40's. We had great plans for picnics and pictures in costumes, but after our children began coughing and having flu like symptoms in the cold, we decided to be responsible moms and head to Chick Fil A. Paxton LOVED the petting zoo...I think he thought that the goats were giant Scooter (Paxton's beloved Jack Russell). They actually do look like him. My child is no longer a camera hog and getting him to smile for the camera is nearly impossible. We had a very brief stay at the patch, so now in all our spare time we will have to head back out there with daddy:)

First Hair Cut

We finally cut the mullet. Paxton is no longer business up front, party in back.

My little Buckaroo

It's hard fitting into your mom's hat...luckily he has a giant head still!! We are into fruit snacks lately...and that is it. We have been extremely stressed by our child's lack of eating. To this day he has yet to eat meat!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We love CARS!!! We were stuck in the car dept at Toys 'R Us for at least an hour trying all the different ones out. Can you see how much one of these puppies cost???'s a monthly car payment.

Long time no BLOG!!! We lost the camera charger causing blog sabbatical. We have been BUSY bees at our house. Where do I begin:
1) We are 41% on the completion of our house...states the loan:)
2) We are (according to Dr. Riegel) 8 or so weeks out from the birth of
Mackey!!! (very scary since we are way behind in packing)
3) We officially packed 8 boxes last night, painted 3 rocking chairs,
painted Paxton's big boy bed, and painted a play table.
All of which were different colors, if I sand one more thing to be painted I may have a husband go on sabbatical too!!
4) Officially started time-out. Apparently I use the word "NO" too often
and my child now tells me "NO"... it was cute the first time.
**** My lesson of motherhood is to never say "my child will never do
that" or "they must not discipline well"...these comments bite
you back hard. Sometimes it is better to ignore than discipline in public because that makes more trouble.
5) I have gained a total of 15 lbs. now, 24 weeks is the magic number for
explosion. Sorry Abbey no pregnant pictures this week.
6) A&M has officially become a BAD football team.
7) The couch we recovered is still not finished and I have now decided
I would rather work extra to pay for someone to make the curtains than try to sew my own curtains.
These are just a few of the many thoughts/projects running wild in my head. The Super Nanny book did not teach me much so if anyone knows any really good discipline books...I am all ears.