Friday, July 20, 2007

The Big 5 Years

The Happy Couple
Man and Wife
On Our Way to Maui!!! of our first dates
My Wedding Party
The boys doing the sorority pose

Rusty and I have been married for 5 Years today!! Where has the time gone. I feel like we have packed tons of fun into these five years. We have been through so much together. I am so lucky to have such a great hubby and a husband who loves the Lord and leads our family in his path. Tonight we are going to eat somewhere fancy and then staying at a hotel, pictures to follow. I can't wait to see what the many more years hold for our family.

He is really into jumping into the water...but he doesn't want his face to get wet. When he is swimming he has to watch his feet kick, it is hilarious.
Mac is her bikini. We love that girl!
The new ride
Paxton ready for the windy ride
SueSue has a new ride. A Convertible. I thought Paxton would think that riding outdoors might be fun, but he get very irritated by all the wind in his face. We had our first ride to the pool the other day...sunglasses, suits, and sunscreen. What summers are made of.

Not very Excited...check out the bush on top of his head
My Super Cool Two Year Old
My Bald Baby...notice the clip!!!
Our first real haircut. The one that I did and butchered did not count. I will never attempt a boy hair cut again. We thought the first time we would make it special and go to a kids hair cut place called Snip It's. It was pretty cool, it came with a free sucker and prize at the end. At first Paxton was not amused, but later warmed up to the idea. He looks so CUTE, not that I am biased or anything. He is so grown up looking:) Mackey watched as Paxton sat in the cool chair, she will probably not get her first hair cut for a least a year. I really think that I could literally count the hairs on her head. We love our bald baby though.She has finally got enough that the toupee clip flower can now attach to a few strands.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The scary elephant
My Girls
Paxton is so proud of his catch...Mackey looks a little nervous!
One of the cool toys at the party place
The train...not for Paxton.

This week was a fun week. Grandma Cox, Great Grandma Kal, Cheryl and Cori came to visit. There was a mall trip, swimming, and they kept Mackey and Paxton while I worked and Rusty went to New York. This weekend Paxton went to an awesome Birthday at Amazing Toy Creations in the Galleria Dallas. There was train sets, animals, houses, farms and other really cool things for Paxton to play with. He was deathly afraid of the train set...literally throwing a fit about having to ride it. For some reason he was o.k. about riding the elephant that was about the size of a horse and screamed as it walked the track. GO Figure!!! I was scared of the elephant. This Saturday also Rusty and I hosted the Sunday School Party for our class. We had about 50 people. It was lots of fun it included: golf with wiffle balls, horse shoes, and washers, and of course lots of good girl talk. PatPat and SueSue (even though it was their anniversary) cooked fajitas for the gang. On Sunday Mackey was a little celebrity. They called Friday to ask if the preacher and music minister could use her for a skit. She was attached to the music minister all three services and made quite the show as the grabbed the microphone each time to sing a little ballad for everyone. Sorry but there are no pictures..due to having to be there so early we forgot the camera. We had a very exciting and eventful week/weekend. We are looking forward to relaxing a little this coming weekend. Hope everyone has a great week.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Grandparents with their "favorite Girl"
The boys
The family minus Paxton at the wedding
Father and Daughter
Mackey got a lot of attention with her dancing moves. Her she is spanking. She loves the attention.

Rebecca and Josh: Josh looks a little nervous after seen her spit up so much...I think he secretly liked her though.
Drew was in love with Mackey: He loved to kiss and she loved to receive.
Grandma and Mackey

This weekend we all headed to Oklahoma to a Cox Wedding. Joey and Ashley have tied the knot. It was a beautiful ceremony on the water and then LOTs of fun and dancing. Even Mackey did some dancing. The highlight of the reception was the balloon guy. He was so talented and could make all kinds of things...Paxton got a dog and a train. Paxton and Drew did not go and did fairly well with the babysitter. We had a great time seeing eveyone we don't get to see very often.

The Girls
SueSue and Paxton after the show
Mackey and Mommy
father and Daughter
The Men: Brent, Cal, Rusty, and Ben
PatPat, Mackey, and SueSue enjoying some fireworks
Paxton and I

Happy 4th! What could be more fun than spending a holiday with long time friends and family. We loaded up the car and headed to Grapevine to grill out with Ben and Tiffany and our parents. We had great fun talking and just hanging out. Later that night we headed to meet up with the rest of our college friends to watch fireworks at the Grapevine Lake firecracker show. Mackey just laid on the blanket with her PatPat and SueSue while Paxton hung tightly to my leg. He really is not a fan of fireworks. I think it is the noise. We had a great time, though short, it was fun just being with old friends. We are blessed to have those friends. We have watched each other grow in many ways. We all knew each other pre married life. So we have seen everyones weddings and now (though Rusty and I are winning the "who has children" category we are soon to be blessed by a "little Wall". Those are the friends you cherish forever, the ones when you get together it as if no time has passed. Rusty and I are very blessed.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Preparing for their beach trip at the end of July
Paxton's twin...
Ringing the bell
Thought he was super cool with the hat
Isn't McKinney's fire station antique and full of character

Mackey's fireman
Driving the BIG truck
The Gang

We are SOOOO tired of rain, seriously I think it has been 10 days of rain and they are predicting rain the next 10-14 days. Can that really happen? My neighbor went out of town and said that we could go swimming all week whenever since we were babysitting their bunny and fish. Of course, it has rained everyday since they left not allowing us to swim at all.

Last week we got the privilege to go the McKinney fire station, what more could a bunch of firemen want than a ton of moms and there two year olds coming to trample all over their equipment. Paxton loved it. He was all about driving and ringing the bell.

Is it normal for you child that is almost 7 months to crawl but not be able to sit-up. I think she can't sit up very well because she doesn't have the enormous hinney that Paxton had. This week she has been officially getting up on all fours and frog catapulting to where she wants to go. This has created a bunch of sharing lessons for Paxton. She hunts her prey and then frog launches to it...she wants to play with Paxton and his things and this is all new to him. On another note of parenting lessons.

Rusty and I are desperate to know what you do when your 2 year old climbs out of his bed, opens that child proof door, walks down A LOT of stairs, and across the house and then stands at your bed and stares you in the face repeatedly. This has become a REAL problem. There is only some many times that you can walk back up and put them in bed. We have been putting him back him his crib after a couple times of this . I feel like we are going backward putting him in the crib. Any suggestions???