Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Preparing for their beach trip at the end of July
Paxton's twin...
Ringing the bell
Thought he was super cool with the hat
Isn't McKinney's fire station antique and full of character

Mackey's fireman
Driving the BIG truck
The Gang

We are SOOOO tired of rain, seriously I think it has been 10 days of rain and they are predicting rain the next 10-14 days. Can that really happen? My neighbor went out of town and said that we could go swimming all week whenever since we were babysitting their bunny and fish. Of course, it has rained everyday since they left not allowing us to swim at all.

Last week we got the privilege to go the McKinney fire station, what more could a bunch of firemen want than a ton of moms and there two year olds coming to trample all over their equipment. Paxton loved it. He was all about driving and ringing the bell.

Is it normal for you child that is almost 7 months to crawl but not be able to sit-up. I think she can't sit up very well because she doesn't have the enormous hinney that Paxton had. This week she has been officially getting up on all fours and frog catapulting to where she wants to go. This has created a bunch of sharing lessons for Paxton. She hunts her prey and then frog launches to it...she wants to play with Paxton and his things and this is all new to him. On another note of parenting lessons.

Rusty and I are desperate to know what you do when your 2 year old climbs out of his bed, opens that child proof door, walks down A LOT of stairs, and across the house and then stands at your bed and stares you in the face repeatedly. This has become a REAL problem. There is only some many times that you can walk back up and put them in bed. We have been putting him back him his crib after a couple times of this . I feel like we are going backward putting him in the crib. Any suggestions???