Monday, August 28, 2006

This weekend we headed to Liberty City for half the weekend, it was a fast trip but we had a blast. Friday night we ate and then hung out with some old friends. Saturday Grandma, Tonya, and I with the boys headed to Wamart to get some pictures of the boys together. NEVER AGAIN...Walmart was a complete disaster. Not only was Paxton not in the mood but the Walmart system and their packages are horrible. I don't think my pregnant moody self and the photographer were ever on the right page nor were we understanding one another. After a stressful day at Walmart we came home to Great Grandma Kal's awesome homemade ice cream, watched an X Box football championship and then went to celebrate Chad and Kelly's 10 yr celebration of youth ministry. A lot in two days but we had so much fun hanging out with the family.

We Can Walk

First time at McDonalds Play area...he thought he was such a big boy!! It is so amazing the way kids day we crawl everywhere, the next day we are clumsy, and the next day we walk like we have been walking for years. Here are a couple pics of Paxton since he has acquired his new skill.

Permanent Marker Attack

I am not sure if you can see this problem. He has never been able to take a pen cap off, like a crazy mom a give him a sharpie. I hear Rusty say "Oh my gosh" and pray it is not on the carpet of the house we now rent. Luckily Paxton just had it all over the right side of his body and after a couple scrubs it came off. This mother will never give her child a sharpie again. Anyone who is or has been a mother knows that sometimes you just give them what they want to "go away"-not actually but give them something to occupy their mind while you try to blog. This is why there have not been many blogging pics lately. No matter what I give him it can be used for destruction.

Moving Dirt

Let the Building Begin... we officially have moved dirt. This is an old picture from last week, we have some pipes in the ground and anxiously await the foundation. We are scared to ask our builder if he still thinks a December deadline:) We will keep you updated on the progress.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's a...

Right as we were signing off... she waved good bye! The lack of a boy part!! The 3d face with her sucking her thumb.
Mackey Elizabeth Cox
Break out the bows, pink, and everything else girl. I went to the 3d/4d sonogram a couple weeks ago and the lady informed me that she was 90% sure we are having a girl. Anyone who knows the girls in my family knows we are already having fun. I just hope Dr. Riegel says the same thing, my gut instinct was right again. Rusty thought it was a girl to the very day before the sono and then decided the day before it was a boy. It's a good thing because we were struggling with the boy name. It was so funny during the sonogram, they had to call in help and the professionals because Mackey was so active, pray for me!! I will have to post some of the fun purchases that have already been made.
* the theme for the room is vintage: I have purchased old vintage hankies and tea cups to start the room off... Hope she has one since 22 Brookhollow Circle has still seen no action.

Vacation from the Vacation?

At the beach, do we look tired?? This was the main problem, Paxton wanted to eat the sand.
So Rusty and I had this great idea to go on this incredibly inexpensive trip to a place we knew nothing about, Sarasota Florida. Having never traveled with a 1 year old and thinking how great it would be for Paxton to see that we went on a vacation prior to another baby we ventured off.
Plane ride to Florida: Paxton was never still not even Baby Einstein could do it, but still manageable.
The next few days : Pack a lunch, get all the beach gear and head to the beach for about 30 mintues, go back Paxton take a nap and start all over again, Paxton sleep in bed and pee in bed 2 out of 3 nights, linen change....really sleepy parents.
One night in Tampa: a horrible Paxton. Dinner to go and embarassment in front of George Steinbrener ( he sat behind us at the restaurant and gave me a sympathetic smile)
Home: We need a vacation from our vacation. Don't get me wrong we had a great time just being together with the beautiful beach to look at. However there will be no more vacations with 1 or 2 year olds. We learned several things about Paxton this trip: He is no longer a baby but a very head strong toddler and that he is incredibly loyal to the red crib in his room.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where do we start!!! 2 weeks ago we headed to Belton for the big Kennedy wedding. Paxton, SueSue, and I left on Wednesday. We had so much fun running errands and seeing the old gang. We LOVED the time we spent with the Neeley family, I even saw Zach whom I had not seen in forever. Debbie became Paxton's new girlfriend...his heart skipped a beat around her. He was so spoiled by them, and Paxton was so lucky not to have to make all the errands. And of course what would a trip to Belton without Marta's be??? SueSue and I cleared them out, we just happened to be there for the BIG sale. The wedding was beautiful out a Tenroc Ranch and it was so fun to talk to old friends...Laura Haun, love that girl:) It was a great week, not much relaxation but great hanging out in the old stomp'in grounds.