Friday, August 29, 2008

I know that drama follows me...most of the time it is funny and random.... But can I just get a normal, non- dramatic pregnancy here!?!?! That's right we are officially 11 weeks pregnant and it has been plagued by DRAMA. At five weeks we had some problems then at 8 weeks more of the same problems. Can I get a placenta that can not be torn. Can I get a placenta that has no clots. And finally official diagnosis...a marginal placenta previa. A irritated placenta has caused all the problems. No working (thus very poor), cleaning (which I really love to do, and no maid meets my standards), No walking long distances, No picking up your children (yeah right my kids are barely 3 and 1). So needless to say just a pain!!! I have already had 5 sonograms for this child of God. This precious little thing has had a heartbeat of 175 every time and the doctor stated it was perfect and had no idea of this was even going on...just enjoying life in a jacked up placenta. I am currently on the hunt for a not so stressful ICU position so that I won't be ever poorer after this child is born. I am currently nauseous ALL the time from all the extra progesterone that I am taking. I also am currently so stinking tired that I am having to re-wash two loads of clothes because they sat on the floor so long. The prayer for this baby is that the placenta will stop being irritated within 8 weeks and become not placenta previa or else I go on strict bed rest for 17 weeks and deliver by c-section at 37 weeks. I think there is only like a 5-10% chance of the previa not correcting itself by 20 weeks but going on track record I am a little nervous...not such good luck with the pregnancy nurse curse. So we are going to pray for a normal placenta and a healthy baby and thank God everyday for this third child.
However I did get clearance from Dr. Riegel to go to the Texas A&M and ASU Game this weekend with good friends from McKinney and from college. Can't wait. I will however get the special privilege of riding the elevator to my nice advantage of jacked up placenta.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Big Girl

Her own not mention the passy. It seems the more we try to take it away the more she wants one. New Room...I wonder how long it will be before she messes with the plates on the wall. It is so fun to see her getting into dress up clothes
Old Room Nursery Big Girl is proud of her bed
We officially have no cribs in the house. Mackey graduated to her big girl room and bed this last week. She is doing well and enjoys her kitchen all to herself. Thank you Whitey for the antique dream bed and the sweet rabbit bedside light. I appreciate you furnishing her room:) I love listening on the monitor to Paxton waking her up every morning, he is very abrupt and states that her mom wants her right now.

Chucky Cheese

What a blast from the past... I can't believe Chucky Cheese still exist. I have posted this before...Paxton WILL NOT poop in the potty. Despite ALL efforts. I am going to have to act like this does not bother me, since I think that he enjoys this negative attention. A couple weeks ago we thought we had beat this. We offered after one poop- Batman man, 2 poops- Batman car, 3 poops- Chucky Cheese trip. It took us about 2 weeks but we succeeded. We took the Chucky Cheese trip, had a blast...AND HAVE NOT POOP IN THE POTTY SINCE. This is a great deal of frustration for me, I am throwing in the towel. I may have the first child to go to college who asks for a diaper when he needs to go. Which is even more frustrating that he knows he's going to to do it. He starts walking on the tip-toes and then requests a diaper. I know eventually someone will shame him.