Monday, June 25, 2007

Paxton and Karleigh...he loves her!
The Birthday swing set which he really is not that into..
Paxton, Karleigh, Mackey, and Fisher
Our new babysitter

What's Going on...

Rusty: He is in town and has been all month...yeah! He has been working hard during the day and coming home and being dad. The yard has been keeping him pretty busy lately. Baseball season was pretty much rained out every Thursday so that was sad for him since that was his fun each week. I am sure that his skills have not left him though, the pitching arm is warmed up and ready to play...Give him call!

Whitney: I have been busy watching kiddos. I had the chance to go to market with the Hagen family and shopping has never overwhelmed me...but I WAS OVERWHELMED! It was crazy, 1st you realize that everything you buy is half of what you normally pay and 2nd How in the world could you ever possibly see everything in 4 days. I have been asked to work in the nursery on Sundays because Paxton is considered in nursing terms a 1 on 1. What can I do?? He cries the entire two hours requiring one sweet older lady to spend her whole time with my child and his tears. Rusty and I have planted some new flowers in the beds out front so that will be so much fun to watch Rusty's labor come to fruition.

Paxton: Other than crying in the nursery every Sunday, he is REALLY into transportation. We were unable to have a car birthday party because Paxton is borderline psycho about cars, trains, and planes. We would have never moved past the car party napkins. He has begun to say lots of funny things and is still VERY busy. He doesn't know yet but he was enrolled in Mother's Day Out, starting in Sept. I cannot wait. I already checked and they do not refund your money and they will not give up on your child should they cry the entire first few months. We rarely give him Coke...I thought I would tell you a couple of his funny stories for the week. We went to Sonic and I asked him if he wanted Apple Juice or a Orange Slush and he said, "I want Coke." His vocabulary has increased TONS lately and it is so fun to see his personality with words. By the way he did not get coke!! We love our little Paxton but he keeps us very busy.

Mackey: Sweet Mackey. She is the winner for "Best Baby Award". Everyone comments about how great she is. She is scheduled to have tubes placed on July 5th so that is more ear infections for the Cox Family. She is so precious and her smile makes you laugh. She is 13lbs, yes still very little for 6 months, but can guzzle a bottle in no time flat. She is working on sitting and loves fruit. She is into Paxton's cars, which he is not happy about. We are now focusing on sharing and being nice to our sister. Mackey is so excited about Paxton going to Mother's Day Out for all the quality time she will be able to spend with her mom.

Life is crazy but we are loving it. We are love watching the new words that Paxton learns each day and also enjoying watching Mackey discover all the things that her feet and hands can do.

Monday, June 11, 2007

We recently had family pics. Laura Haun had the difficult task of getting two children under two to smile and look at the camera. It was fun seeing the results.

83 Years

The girls
The men
They must have scored, Paxton was into giving Big Willy high fives.
He must have seen Big Willy using the cane and thought it looked like a good way to get around
She was really into the people watching.
The ice cream that made the night

Paxton and Big Willy are exactly 81 years apart. What has begun to be a tradition...we spend Big Willy and Paxton's birthday in a suite at the Ranger Game. We had a great time and Paxton really got into the cheering. We got the hook up through Gib. The Ranger food service brought in a cake for Paxton and Big Willy complete with candles. They also brought in awesome friut but the highlight for Paxton was the ice cream and the stuff to make Sundays...wipe cream, nuts, and strawberries. It was a great night and a great way to wrap up a birthday weekend.

Happy Birthday

Holding still for the face painting
The Monsoon, only the beginning. People are in their cars because the rain is so hard they can't get to the party
Mackey with Whitey while the birthday set up occurred
Our little sailors.
The can't see the 3D boat. The cake taste was awesome.


Where has the time gone. It was two years ago that my heart broke as we drove from the hospital and you were staying in the NICU. I asked the same question everyday "When do you think he can come home?" My life hasn't been the same without you. You are my best friend, I almost don't know what to do without you during the days you are away from me. You have the tan I want...your only in the sun for a 10 min. and dark but completely eaten by bugs. You must be really sweet because you are just like me in that you are loved by the bugs. Forgive me for any scars you are left with from childhood. You adorable and ornery faces are ones that you learned somewhere. You have a face for every occasion. I love that when you hear music with soul once your booty starts shaking the rest of you cannot help but shake too. You precious hugs and kisses are things I hope you give me freely always. And who will ever forget..."unCAR". You are famous for your obsession with cars. The Sunday School teachers dread seeing you cry the entire 2 hours. It is ridiculous all the crying but I am honored you miss us this much. I admire your loving spirit and your zeal for life. You are a child of God. I pray that the people you are surrounded by share the love of the Lord and spur you in a direction to be a Godly man. I pray that a relationship with God is your greatest treasure. You are so precious and we are so thankful for the two years that you have turned our world upside down.

Row, Row, Row Your boat to Paxton's 2nd Birthday Party. Paxton celebrated his 2nd b-day with a bang...literally. The pools were full, the balls blown-up, and the go fish game ready. At exactly 2 o clock when the party began a monsoon hit...only in Country Ridge. My parents which lived 5 miles away had no rain. We had 50mph winds, HAIL, and a torrential down pour. The party lived on!! The cake was delicious, the sweet girls from next door set up the face painting booth, and the presents were opened. The first present was a plane with people and we were done and in heaven. The expensive swing set given by the grandparents and us was not even used this week, apparently the slide is HOT. He will be forced to slide soon, that is his parents hard earned dollar at work which we were sure he'd love. The annoying vacuum cleaner was a favorite among many. We are raising a group of men who like to clean!! It was a little disappointing that the boys weren't able to really play outside but we appreciate everyone who took the hail damage and sat in their car for the storm to pass in order to celebrate our two year old. Thank you!


Our Graduate
Mackey with the Traveling Leah

Mac with Kyle

Mac fast asleep on her daddy
Waiting for the ceremony
Mac and "Piggy Wiggly"

Paxton standing at the foot of Grandpa Pigg's memorial
He looks like he enjoyed golfing with the guys??

Eating like a least he's eating.

The end of May we headed to Center for our salutatorian Analeise's Graduation. She gave a very great speech and is now headed to UT Austin...she didn't quite understand the "fun" she would miss by not being an Aggie. It makes for more interesting Thanksgivings though, and of course Rusty has one more thing to tease her about. He only teases you because he loves you:) Center had a small graduating class but the graduation ceremony was so much fun and neat. It even had a fire work show. Mackey loved it, but I am not sure Paxton thought it was that cool.

A Heroes Welcome...He had about 20 people who wanted hugs.
At the River
Mackey floating the rapids
Chris and Elizabeth Moore with baby McKenzie
Rusty and Paxton floating the river

So I am having to back track because I am so far behind... MAY 19th. We went to the annual Oakalla trip. We had swim suits, tents, sleeping bags the whole bit...even the motorized jeep. We left with PatPat, SueSue and our family early Saturday morning. I have posted about this precious time before. Let me describe Oakalla. It is the place where groups of people from all ages, professions, and now towns/countries go to celebrate friendships. We have been going since I was in jr. high. The little boys that I remember being always muddy are now heading to college. It is a place where cows tongues are gross, my bachelorette party was held, and pictures are posted all around the cabin that remind us of good times. and bad hairstyles. Floating down the river, awesome broom tricks, and trying to keep up with Jan Doke's games/talking so fast are highlights. Paxton has now been 2 years and Mackey had her first experience and met her Oakalla best girl friend McKenzie. Girls are far and few out there, right Ansley and Aubrey??? This year we got to go to the Killeen airport and welcome "Our soldier" Keith Hanson back from Iraq while he is on R&R. It was such a blessing and we are so blessed by our soldiers, but that is another post. It was a rough camping night which ended in Paxton and Rusty in the car...which PatPat who choose to be the lone tent sleeper, I guess he did not want to hear SueSue and Cliff Peters symphony of snores, heard Rusty ask Paxton several times "What is wrong with you, just go to sleep?". Though tired it is a weekend we never want to miss and look forward to Paxton and Mackey making there own Oakalla memories.