Monday, June 11, 2007

A Heroes Welcome...He had about 20 people who wanted hugs.
At the River
Mackey floating the rapids
Chris and Elizabeth Moore with baby McKenzie
Rusty and Paxton floating the river

So I am having to back track because I am so far behind... MAY 19th. We went to the annual Oakalla trip. We had swim suits, tents, sleeping bags the whole bit...even the motorized jeep. We left with PatPat, SueSue and our family early Saturday morning. I have posted about this precious time before. Let me describe Oakalla. It is the place where groups of people from all ages, professions, and now towns/countries go to celebrate friendships. We have been going since I was in jr. high. The little boys that I remember being always muddy are now heading to college. It is a place where cows tongues are gross, my bachelorette party was held, and pictures are posted all around the cabin that remind us of good times. and bad hairstyles. Floating down the river, awesome broom tricks, and trying to keep up with Jan Doke's games/talking so fast are highlights. Paxton has now been 2 years and Mackey had her first experience and met her Oakalla best girl friend McKenzie. Girls are far and few out there, right Ansley and Aubrey??? This year we got to go to the Killeen airport and welcome "Our soldier" Keith Hanson back from Iraq while he is on R&R. It was such a blessing and we are so blessed by our soldiers, but that is another post. It was a rough camping night which ended in Paxton and Rusty in the car...which PatPat who choose to be the lone tent sleeper, I guess he did not want to hear SueSue and Cliff Peters symphony of snores, heard Rusty ask Paxton several times "What is wrong with you, just go to sleep?". Though tired it is a weekend we never want to miss and look forward to Paxton and Mackey making there own Oakalla memories.