Wednesday, April 19, 2006

101 degrees...

Me and my friend from church- the girl who kicked my fanny when I attended her aerobics class, did I mention she is pregnant- It's really just embarassing!It is just too bright!!!--or he is freezing!! The Girls-these are all my nurse friends from Baylor who I still regularly keep in touch with,
we were all pregant at the sametime.
Well since Tuesday it was a 101 degrees some girlfriends and I decided to the pool it was .Since none of the community pools are open yet we just borrowed an apartment one:) You would've thought we were moving in...cooler, toys, rafts, pack-n-play (yes we brought a bed), strollers...I literally mean everything. The pack-n-play was for them to all nap while the mamas got some sun. It had been awhile since this mama had seen any since we spent last summer in the NICU. Of course every baby but Mister Paxton went to sleep. He enjoyed the water a lot...I didn't as much since it was freezing. I also had to make three trips to Walmart (long story) for the incredible floats you see pictured. It was so much fun it is going to become a regular event. Oh, the days of just bringing a drink and towel to the pool are over:( I will report that we spent 4 hours there and Paxton did not get even a ray of sunshine to his body...I am a super sunscreen applier!?!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Easter Bunny

Our family all accidentally color coordinated.Yeah to the books... Please note the excitement...Jesus loves me!!- Also note the really fun bunny shoes!
The Easter Bunny came to see me...he brought me books, treats, and a stuffed duck with soft fur. It was such a great day. We woke up early, went to church, and then went to Le Peep to eat breakfast. It was fun! I even had cute little bunny shoes to match my outfit. Then we went to our land in Melissa and picked where my swing should go. Boone and Ellie went too, my dad had to ride in the back of the pick-up because Boone jumped out and strangled himself at Sonic. It was such a relaxing day.

Petting Zoo...

I had a hard time not pulling the feathers. Who do I look like here?...I have the same scowl my daddy does in the sun. Kinda reminds me of a dog??? On Sunday morning at church they had a petting zoo. I loved it: goats, ducks, and lambs. The lamb fur was very interesting. I had some much fun. I was in my Sunday best.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our Baby...

Happy Easter...we are about to go to sleep so the Easter Bunny can come!! We are so happy because Jesus is ALIVE!!

A trip to the Zoo...

So Rusty and I went playing around in Dallas today. There is this really weird store called World is 72,000 sq feet of the most unusual things ever. We went there looking for a bathroom vanity with the sink in it, found it and also went on a trip to the zoo with unique animals. Paxton loved it and the best part was that it was free admission.

Lover of...

Picture worth a thousand words of his love!

I may have told you but Paxton loves ice cream... a lot! I am sure there is some book that clearly states no ice cream before 1 year...but:) He absolutely loves it (Thanks Grandpat!!!) We are trying to gain the last lb. needed in 2 months so that we can face forward in the car seat. What better way to get your calcium. Below is a picture of Paxton and Grandpat enjoying some delicious mint chocolate (mom's fav), did I mention he throws a tantrum if you do not shovel it in fast enough.

Dallas Aboretum

Well, for playgroup this week we ventured for a field trip. 3 kids under two made the trek...minivans and all. It was absolutely breath taking...a must see!! Paxton was a trooper for about the first two hours...then:) He loved pulling the flower petals off, RULE #1 in aboretum etiquette: Do not pick the flowers. We had a blast though Paxton was too busy to give me a pose.

Monday, April 10, 2006

10 month B-day

Please note: two bottom teeth and one coming on the top! (still no hair)
Where did the time go...From Angel by Day Beast by Night...To an independent crawler, stander, eater, sleeper. Paxton has lots of friends whom he socializes with every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. He is busy, BUSY:> Someone must have known that the door stops are worth hours of entertainment to a baby...He loves the sounds they make and also loves to put the rubber white part right into his mouth. He went for his last round of Synagis shots today , ordered off the kids menu, and can now officially see over the top of the bed by standing up. He says mama, nana, and of course dada. His favorite things include: ice cream, BOOKS with pop-ups, being naked, baths, knocking things over, and DOGS. When Paxton is upset all he has to do is see a dog and that makes everything all better...kinda weird since his nursery is dogs and was done prior to knowing his likes. He understands the word "no" but chooses to ignore and also likes to smile big upon receiving a pop on the hand...I'm not sure how much harder you can pop someone's hand!?! He is small but packs a mean punch when needed and also has a lot of personality. The nursery worker at church warned that we are in trouble because he, like her son knew how to turn up the charm...She said he just knows when to smile big to get what he wants. It's amazing how you can leave the room for 5 seconds and come back and he is in a different location clear across the room..Getting into something different. He also had is first underwater experience the other day with the dad on duty...He didn't so much like it, but continues to try an take plunges!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Easter Bunny...

Brant and I got to see the Easter Bunny at the mall... he was extremely friendly and let mom use her camera instead of charging an arm and leg like Santa did. At first Brant and I could not get over the buttons and the fur. The fur felt great in my hands! Then mom got an excellent picture of me posing for the camera. Please note the amazing glasses the Bunny gave out. I love them.

I am hoping the Easter Bunny makes it here next weekend...

Bubble Bath...

So my best friend Brant and his mommy came over and hung out all day and even got to stay for dinner since his dad was out of town. Mom and Mama Angela decided to let Brant and I play in the sink together for our nightly baths since we were disgusting. For some reason our moms can never get us to smile at the same time....but you know Paxton if the camera is out, he is smiling. (Paxton had just finished some of his favorite food: watermelon)