Wednesday, April 19, 2006

101 degrees...

Me and my friend from church- the girl who kicked my fanny when I attended her aerobics class, did I mention she is pregnant- It's really just embarassing!It is just too bright!!!--or he is freezing!! The Girls-these are all my nurse friends from Baylor who I still regularly keep in touch with,
we were all pregant at the sametime.
Well since Tuesday it was a 101 degrees some girlfriends and I decided to the pool it was .Since none of the community pools are open yet we just borrowed an apartment one:) You would've thought we were moving in...cooler, toys, rafts, pack-n-play (yes we brought a bed), strollers...I literally mean everything. The pack-n-play was for them to all nap while the mamas got some sun. It had been awhile since this mama had seen any since we spent last summer in the NICU. Of course every baby but Mister Paxton went to sleep. He enjoyed the water a lot...I didn't as much since it was freezing. I also had to make three trips to Walmart (long story) for the incredible floats you see pictured. It was so much fun it is going to become a regular event. Oh, the days of just bringing a drink and towel to the pool are over:( I will report that we spent 4 hours there and Paxton did not get even a ray of sunshine to his body...I am a super sunscreen applier!?!


becca said...

Did you get burned?!?

I Love Paxton's Easter outfit! Very precious!


Big daddy said...

Looking Good! Can't wait for us all to get together. I miss you.

Big Daddy said...

Hey, Paxton, I was saying you were looking good in that hat. I wish I had one like that.