Monday, October 31, 2005


This weekend mom, dad, SueSue, and Grandpat had fun in Belton. Mom, dad, and I stayed at the Kennedy's house and went to the football first ever. I liked it so much that I stayed up till 10:30 with very little fussing. Then Saturday morning we went to Okalla with the gang. SueSue brought her new motorscooter out to Okalla and everyone had fun riding it around in the country. I did not get to go skeet shooting with mom and dad, but they appeared to have fun. My mom said that she wasn't very good. I am really looking forward to going out there, especially when I get older. I can go spot lighting at night and amardillo hunting. Did I mention tubing this summer. In case you didn't know I love the water. This weekend was very fun, but it has taken me all of Monday to rest up for Halloween. Pictures to come. This is the girls at Okalla, aren't I a lucky man to be surrounded by such beautiful girls. My family is leaving for church in Belton. (That's why I don't have my comfortable camping clothes on!)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

This was him towards the end of the session. As you can see the worried look has somewhat vanished and he looks to be gaining confidence in his ability to manuver a spoon. We are headed for the bathtub now!!

This was Paxton's second attempt at eating in the high chair. He had rice with apple juice mixed in. As you can tell by his mouth learning to use a spoon is quit difficult. He did however get the hang of it after a few bits.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tonight my daddy had a softball game and I went to it. My daddy dressed me in full baseball attire. Go daddy.

Look how cute... First time in the Big Boy section of the stroller.

Update on Life.

Well, I just thought that I would give an update on the last couple weeks. Mommy is working two days a week till the end of October then just one day. Paxton is now 13.6 lbs. Last night he sat in the Baby Einstein saucer thing and actually hit some of the buttons. His little head gave out after about 5 minutes. This week he sat in his high chair and ate some small bites of cereal. The spoon thing was kinda tricky but he will figure it out. I ran in to my neighbor in town today and she informed me that she can hear Paxton and I on the monitor at her house:), I was thrilled to hear that, I wonder what all I have said this week... At the pumpkin farm Paxton sat in his stroller for the first time without the carrier. He is getting so big. He also has decided that sometimes he would rather play with bottle nipple than suck on it. He has turned into the biggest flirt ever and would rather smile and spit at you than eat. This in turns into a real pain because when mommy decides she doesn't want to play I decide then that I am hungry. Also mommy and daddy bought some land in Melissa this week. I am excited about this decision because there will actually be room for a swing set some day. It is 2 acres with a creek behind it. This is the week in a nut shell. Paxton keeps getting cutier and doing new tricks...did I mention that he can now roll from his back to his stomach both ways?!!!

Mommy's Precious Boy

While I can still get away with saying it, I would like to draw attention to what a beautiful boy he is. Not all boy babies are beautiful but he REALLY is...I am sure there is no bias or anything!! Note the pumpkins to the right are for holding his precious head up.

Graco is rolling in the Dough...

Just thought it was a humorous picture! From left to Right: Jack Martin, Brooks Jones, Madeline Pickett, Jake Seal, Abigail Wade, and Paxton Cox... first time in a big boy stroller!!

Me and Mommy

This is mommy and I at the Pumpkin Patch. The weather was so beautiful. We missed daddy out there though.

The Group!!

This is my play group. We hang out every Thursday, this was the first field trip though! We went to Bill Bate's Pumpkin patch. There were pumpkins every where, a hay ride, and a petting zoo. We paid $5 for a day of excitment and got to take a pumpkin home with us. If you can believe it there are some people not pictured from our group. My mom is really glad the camara is not a close up because I am crying my eyes out in it. We are so blessed to have a Sunday School that provides us with some many friends. (There are also two other play groups that meet each week to...God has truely blessed our group with lots of children.)

The Pumpkin Patch....

This is my friend Brant. We went to the pumpkin patch last week with his mom Angela. Can you believe some of the pumpkins there were $35, that's crazy. Don't we look cute this is my Scooter sweater and Brant had one just like it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Lean on Me..when you're not strong!!

This is Brooks, I get to play with him every week when my mom sleeps after working the nights. The greatest thing about this friendship is it could last forever. His parents are building a house in Melissa, TX right now and my parents plan to in a couple that means that we will both be Melissa Cardinals. I am thinking we have got the quarter back and the receiver right here. Look out other 1a schools here we come.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Away from Mom for a whole week

I will have you all know that this week and this week only is Paxton's first week away from his mom. Mom is going back to work in the ICU at Medical Center McKinney and is going to work every Monday night from 7p-7a (scary!!)...she figures she can handle nights since she feels like she is awake all the time feeding me. Well, she has had orientation this whole week. I am staying with Tammy Jones from church, she has my friend Brooks. I am not sure so far how he has felt about sharing his mommy with me. He is always staring at me and kinda giggles occassionally. Brooks is 2 months older than me. I think haning out with him half the day on Tuesdays will be pretty fun...we seem to have a lot in common.

One of the many photo shoots

On October 16th Paxton will be dedicated at church. As part of the "big" church Paxton gets to have his picture flashed on the we are in pursuit of the "perfect" picture. This is one of the photo shoots. Since my mom borrowed SueSue's camara she cannot stop taking pictures. Like the one she so rudely took while I was sleeping. This picture begs the question who do I look more like? The comments are so far about 50%, although I look exactly like my moms baby pictures...some people swear that I look like a little Rusty.

"Angel" by night now

When Paxton first came home from the NICU he would not sleep, for 2 weeks we fought for 1 hour of sleep. "Angel" by day and "beast" by night was his nickname. We can joke now but we both got anxiety when the sun started to go down. So we bought this expensive sleeper bed, thinking that maybe he could not sleep because he did not have the boundaries that the NICU box gave him. We recently started brain storming about what we can do now that he is about to grow out of "the box". He now takes after his mother and is a bed hog:) I realized this week that I do not need to stress over the little things because the boy will let me know what to do move the box and let him sleep in his big boy bed. I will have you know after the purchase of the box we were finally able to get 3 hours of sleep at a time. My new dilema is how to get him to ignore the hungry stomach and sleep through the night.