Monday, October 31, 2005


This weekend mom, dad, SueSue, and Grandpat had fun in Belton. Mom, dad, and I stayed at the Kennedy's house and went to the football first ever. I liked it so much that I stayed up till 10:30 with very little fussing. Then Saturday morning we went to Okalla with the gang. SueSue brought her new motorscooter out to Okalla and everyone had fun riding it around in the country. I did not get to go skeet shooting with mom and dad, but they appeared to have fun. My mom said that she wasn't very good. I am really looking forward to going out there, especially when I get older. I can go spot lighting at night and amardillo hunting. Did I mention tubing this summer. In case you didn't know I love the water. This weekend was very fun, but it has taken me all of Monday to rest up for Halloween. Pictures to come. This is the girls at Okalla, aren't I a lucky man to be surrounded by such beautiful girls. My family is leaving for church in Belton. (That's why I don't have my comfortable camping clothes on!)