Thursday, October 20, 2005

Update on Life.

Well, I just thought that I would give an update on the last couple weeks. Mommy is working two days a week till the end of October then just one day. Paxton is now 13.6 lbs. Last night he sat in the Baby Einstein saucer thing and actually hit some of the buttons. His little head gave out after about 5 minutes. This week he sat in his high chair and ate some small bites of cereal. The spoon thing was kinda tricky but he will figure it out. I ran in to my neighbor in town today and she informed me that she can hear Paxton and I on the monitor at her house:), I was thrilled to hear that, I wonder what all I have said this week... At the pumpkin farm Paxton sat in his stroller for the first time without the carrier. He is getting so big. He also has decided that sometimes he would rather play with bottle nipple than suck on it. He has turned into the biggest flirt ever and would rather smile and spit at you than eat. This in turns into a real pain because when mommy decides she doesn't want to play I decide then that I am hungry. Also mommy and daddy bought some land in Melissa this week. I am excited about this decision because there will actually be room for a swing set some day. It is 2 acres with a creek behind it. This is the week in a nut shell. Paxton keeps getting cutier and doing new tricks...did I mention that he can now roll from his back to his stomach both ways?!!!