Sunday, January 25, 2009


30 weeks pregnant and large and in charge. I decided to let you all see the belly. This is the first and last picture of me in this pregnancy. Paxton was REALLY tired...
Sweet Smile
Miss Kirby McCauley Cox
Rusty and I decided to do something different that we had never done before...the 3D/4D sonogram. It was so much fun. We went to Visions of Love in Denton and were able to watch Kirby for one hour. It was so fun and highly recommended!! Paxton and Mackey thought it was neat but interesting. There was a lot of resemblance of Paxton...which he thought was great. He has only one request, that Kirby have blond hair. We are all on the countdown for Kirby. At my 32 week appt. Dr. Riegel told me that I was 1cm but that was normal for multiple pregnancies. He also stated that every time I come after 35 weeks I need to come with bags packed. We are so excited and I am especially excited to get back into regular clothes.


Happy 30th B-Day Rusty!!!
Yes, it's true Rusty is officially 30. He is handling it well although I think he was slightly a bit sad to leave the twenties. With me being enormous and not wanting to host a big shin dig we had a great night on the town just the two of us. Saturday morning it was a whole day of shopping just for Rusty. New pants, shirts, and shoes were bought and he was looking good at 30. Then we went and relaxed at the Anatol Hotel where we stayed. Our room was not really my taste as we were on the oriental floor but it was really fun to be somewhere totally fancy and out of my decor style. We got all dressed up (as much as you can when you are again enormous) and went to eat at St. Martin's restaurant on lower Greenville with the Hagens (who happened to be in town). It was super good...and the piano player that had more make-up on than me was fantastic. We met up with PatPat and SueSue and the kids Sunday morning after sleeping in for some awesome pancakes from the Original Pancake House (my new favorite place). Rusty had a great birthday and I enjoyed it too...almost sounds like my, relaxing, and eating.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 Years Away from the Big One...

Gianna and I (we share a b-day) that makes her special in my book....along with lots of other reasons:)
Most of the Gang
I turned 28 this year. It was a great low key birthday. I was able to sleep most of the afternoon and have the Shulls, the Slaughters, PatPat and SueSue, and the neighbors over for ice cream cake. I don't think it can be my b-day without ice cream cake. My mom took me to get a haircut, which was shorter than I had expected but it is really easy to fix and has grown on me...which is important with 2 kids and being really pregnant. Shay (and Andrew) gave me linen from Anthropology and a cupcake book (she knows I LOVE sweets), Erika (and Tab) gave me a pedicure, my parents gave me LOTs of cute clothing/and shopping spree after I loose 30 pounds, and last but not least Rusty gave me long coveted blinds for our master bedroom so I can stop flashing the high school boy next door. I am sure his mom will appreciate this.

Happy 2009...
I have no new years resolutions, but know that this year we will be blessed. We are waiting on our new addition, Kirby. We have had a great 2008...full of pregnancy, a 2 and a 3 year old, and friends and family. Thanks Kelly Harrell for our glasses, we were able to see the ball drop in style. Can you tell Paxton is a little tired in this photo.