Sunday, January 25, 2009


Happy 30th B-Day Rusty!!!
Yes, it's true Rusty is officially 30. He is handling it well although I think he was slightly a bit sad to leave the twenties. With me being enormous and not wanting to host a big shin dig we had a great night on the town just the two of us. Saturday morning it was a whole day of shopping just for Rusty. New pants, shirts, and shoes were bought and he was looking good at 30. Then we went and relaxed at the Anatol Hotel where we stayed. Our room was not really my taste as we were on the oriental floor but it was really fun to be somewhere totally fancy and out of my decor style. We got all dressed up (as much as you can when you are again enormous) and went to eat at St. Martin's restaurant on lower Greenville with the Hagens (who happened to be in town). It was super good...and the piano player that had more make-up on than me was fantastic. We met up with PatPat and SueSue and the kids Sunday morning after sleeping in for some awesome pancakes from the Original Pancake House (my new favorite place). Rusty had a great birthday and I enjoyed it too...almost sounds like my, relaxing, and eating.


rackersfamily said...

Happy Birthday Rusty~ Welcome to the club!