Monday, November 28, 2005

One Happy Family...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Her blogging is out of Control...

This is a picture of Uncle Kyle and I in Decatur. He is really COOL, too bad I don't see him more often. Maybe he is afraid to be around me often since my mom is always taking pictures and posting them on the blog. It is getting out of hand, she makes me take pictures just so she can blog. Call me Uncle Kyle!!! Love, your special Little P'

First Christmas Tree!!

My mom is nuts. Yes, she made me take a picture with the boy that sold me my first Christmas Tree. You will be happy to know that she at least knew the kid!!

Look it's an Airplane...

No it's just Paxton practicing for the airplane ride!

This is my two lovely great grandma's on my moms side. I love these girls!!! Aren't they cute!?!

Meet the Family...

Me with my great grandma Kallenberger, isn't she cute. She is always bringing me so special treat.
***Mom will not be posting the picture she had outside the Branson Inn until grandma/Big daddy sends her a better copy...for some reason all of moms have half our heads chopped off. Picture to follow.
So grandma/big daddy when you read this mail mom a picture.


Well, Thanksgiving was awesome! We flew to Branson late Tuesday afternoon. For those of you who do not know my relatives in Branson (daddy's aunt) own the old Branson Inn...which is/was a Bed and Breakfast. Branson was a lot of fun with the family. Everyone from my grandma's side was there. The happy news for Aunt Cynthia and Randy is that the B&B has sold. As neat as the B&B experience is/was they are ready to move and start hanging out in a living room with the 2nd grader in their lives, Kevin. We flew back to Dallas Friday to hang out with the Pigg side of the family...(yes I did say Pigg, Suesue's maiden name was Pigg). We did some nice relaxing and more eating. I got lots of kisses from my great grandma Pigg and aunts. My mom and dad were going to go to Six Flags but the lines were so long they went to Game Works instead. I got to hang out with Aunt Kelly, Uncle Gib, and Great Grandma and Grandpa Searight. I love G. Gma Searight, mom was told I did lots of flirting with her. Saturday we went to Decatur for some Searight loving and I got my first Christmas tree ever. One of mom and dads youth group boys sold it to them. As you can guess Sunday we went to church and I and mom have been napping ever since. We did some serious resting and snuggling. So as you can read the week was filled with lots of family who we are so blessed to have.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Too Young to Appreciate...

If you have never experienced welcoming the troops back from war, you have truely missed out. Our family had the priviledge of getting to look the men in the eyes that are fighting for our safety and freedom. It is like nothing ever experienced!! Many of you know Captain Trace Major, fighting Texas Aggie. Well, his precious wife and young son have sacrificed their husband and dad for us. Trace has been gone for 9 months and is home for 2 weeks of R and R'. He will be returning to Afganistan till March 1. Jeni was so excited that she was jumping at the sliding doors, literally:) There were probably 60 people from church and his family there to greet him- it makes you see what a wonderful support system Rusty and I have through church. Paxton is still too young to appreciate what great men, like Trace Major, are doing for his future, but I hope through pictures he can someday now the magnitude of what this act of humble service means.--Oh did I mention that Trace was greeted with a Route 44 Sonic Coke and Krispy Cream donuts thanks to Don Paschal. (he stated that he had not had ice for 9 months).
I tried to put these pictures in order to give a dramatic effect and the blogger king said not gonnna happen despite many attempts.
The anticipated Moment Literally jumping for JOY!! Can you imagine:) 9 months!!! A Picture to Cherish with a Humble Servant Paxton being as patriotic as possible despite those baby teeth trying to poke through...he is trying to figure out how to get the flag stick in his mouth.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well, this is not a picture of me, but a picture of one of my new best friends, Andrew Cox. It was confirmed here in this picture that I will have a boy cousin arrive in March. I am so excited. My mommy and aunt Tonya are already seeing TROUBLE with a capital T. I am so excited, his name will be Andrew Blake Cox. I know Big Daddy and Grandma are really excited too. Can you believe Drew already has a blog site, his daddy is on top of things!!

Change in Weather.

Due to the weather, Paxton is officially ready for the cold season. He is sporting his Canton hunting hat and birthday suit. I forgot to mention that we think he is teething and he is always in a wonderful mood:> He can barely focus to smile for the camara.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Report on Paxton...

So we went to the Developmental doctor this last week which is standard protocol for a premie.

The report was awesome...they even suggested that maybe my due date was a little off. Paxton scored around the 4 1/2 to 5 month range, which is how old he is. He is small for his age but he makes up for it with huge cheeks and a smile. The doctor put him on solids. So this week we are continuing to master the art of a spoon and eating Sweet potatoes. The Dr. said that he should be seating up in the next month or so, he already tries but his bottom does not follow.

Oh the stress...

So, he did inherit his mother's need to cuddle and scooch into every knick and kranny. This would not be a problem but you read all those stupid articles on SIDs and they say do this, do that, don't do this. On of those things is not to let them sleep on their stomachs ( I know all you older folks are saying we did that and you turned out okay). Well anyone who knows Paxton well knows that Paxton is always on the go and a champion turner. The positioner is not even a speed bump anymore merely just a lump. No sooner have I walked out of the room he is on his stomach with his face buried in the sheet. Well, Rusty and I have checked on him throughout the night for about a week, when you turn his head you buy yourself a least 30 minutes worth of rocking at 2 o'clock in the morning (as much as we love rocking, we do not love it at 2o'clock in the morning.) So we have had to surrender to him in this matter...this is sad we are surrending at 5 months already.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Family

This is the family after the church carnival.

on the prowl...

No he is not crawling, but it looks like it... he will be soon though. He is always on the go.


I am Cheetah, hear me roar!