Thursday, November 17, 2005

Too Young to Appreciate...

If you have never experienced welcoming the troops back from war, you have truely missed out. Our family had the priviledge of getting to look the men in the eyes that are fighting for our safety and freedom. It is like nothing ever experienced!! Many of you know Captain Trace Major, fighting Texas Aggie. Well, his precious wife and young son have sacrificed their husband and dad for us. Trace has been gone for 9 months and is home for 2 weeks of R and R'. He will be returning to Afganistan till March 1. Jeni was so excited that she was jumping at the sliding doors, literally:) There were probably 60 people from church and his family there to greet him- it makes you see what a wonderful support system Rusty and I have through church. Paxton is still too young to appreciate what great men, like Trace Major, are doing for his future, but I hope through pictures he can someday now the magnitude of what this act of humble service means.--Oh did I mention that Trace was greeted with a Route 44 Sonic Coke and Krispy Cream donuts thanks to Don Paschal. (he stated that he had not had ice for 9 months).
I tried to put these pictures in order to give a dramatic effect and the blogger king said not gonnna happen despite many attempts.
The anticipated Moment Literally jumping for JOY!! Can you imagine:) 9 months!!! A Picture to Cherish with a Humble Servant Paxton being as patriotic as possible despite those baby teeth trying to poke through...he is trying to figure out how to get the flag stick in his mouth.


Clay said...

We're looking forward to a VERY similar moment in just about 8 weeks! Yea!