Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rusty with his dog...I had to beg him to let me take this pic
With the perfect tree
Helping her dad Of Course she is her mother...she thinks she can do it herself
Riding the hayride to the perfect tree
Paxton getting dragged around the yard by Scotter and Hunter
Analeise celebrating the big 21 and Mackey having an early celebration.
Of course, Tinkerbell cake.
Getting Kyle out of bed...old fashioned trick water on face. Works every time.
The lake house is not good for Mackey's hair!!! Only there and with supervision is she able to feed Kirby
"Better than Sex Cake"-Decorating by Leah
Toasting to GG': The cups she always made them use. We missed her this Thanksgiving, but we know she had a fabulous feast in Heaven
She has been begging for the Tinkerbell doll
Relaxing on the porch...SueSue and Kirby
Where life stands still
Hanging on for dear life
She looks so old here
Playing the leaves, only at the lakehouse!!!
Thanksgiving 2009
We headed to the small East Texas town where time stands still. Erika headed out with us and we enjoyed some shopping in Mineola. We ate the best hamburgers in Texas at East Texas burger. We had a relaxing time. We had 17 people fit into a 2 bathroom, 1 television, 1 kitchen table and lots of love in the lake house. We have enjoyed the lake house more than we imagined. When we go there the kids forget about watching television, you take naps on the grass, and jump in leave piles. We had LOTS of family time, football, and food. It was great to see Kyle and all the other cousins. I look forward to Thanksgiving with the Pigg's every year.
Friday morning we headed to Liberty City to go on the Polar Express. We drove to Palestine that night to ride the train. It was so much fun. They played the story and had the chefs dance, pass out cookies/hot chocolate, and Santa gave each child a bell. Saturday we headed to the Christmas tree farm. It has become a tradition every Thanksgiving. Where can you get a 10 1/2 ft tree for $57. Somehow that night we managed to play Mexican Train...I am happy to say Rusty did not win, Big Daddy did. In keeping with tradition we headed back to McKinney this afternoon to decorate for Christmas.
We have so much to be thankful for: healthy children, Brassy Blueberries that affords us extra money and time with my mom, the lake house, extended family, a house that is cozy and has

We went to see Paxton and Mackey's school play. Paxton had practiced singing the song "Super Turkey" so much that week. SueSue, Rusty and I all took our seats. Paxton had his shirt in his mouth and sang nothing and Mackey...she picked her boogers. We are so blessed to have the children go to such a Christian school. They have learned so much, Mackey is constantly singing about how she is "God's mighty hero" and Paxton practices writing everyone's name. We are thankful.

My Baby is 9 Months!!! She was in the 25% weighing in at 17 pounds. Everybody loves Kirby. She is the perfect third baby. Goes with the flow and is so mild. She is into everything...crawling, pulling up on everything, and dirty just like her sister. She says Dada and mama. We call her Rustina cause she look s just like her dad, she even has the bulldog face that Rusty occasionally has. I can't imagine life without Kirby. She is a blessing. She has moved into her crib upstairs with Mackey. That has been interesting. We find them in the crib talking a lot of nights. They will be the best of friends...I am sure they will never fight:) We look forward to many dirty clothes, making messes, and lots of smiles.

It was ok to sit on this one!!! Pictured: Liam, Ella, Jackson, Micah, Laney, Chloe, Logan, Paxton, Mackey,Kennedy, and Kirby
She lloks more than thrilled We are so blessed to have wonderful friends that will go and spend a day at the Dinosaur Park at Heard Museum. We had such a good time picnicking and just basking the sun on a beautiful fall day in Texas.

Our New family member: Rudder Roo Cox. Don't go down the dog isle at McKinney Trade Days unless you want a dog. Note to self. SueSue purchased this adorable Maltese for me and the kids. He has grown on Rusty:) We love this dog and he has been a great fit for our family. He lets the kids do whatever the want...a little to much. When we went for our vet visit to make sure he was healthy I was told that he has a soft spot that did not heal and never will. It is about dime sized and Dr. Bing said, "Just be really careful, he will die instantly if it gets hit." Awesome, apparently he didn't see Rusty with a lab and a mute on bungee cords (we had no leashes, they are outside dogs) and the three kids under 4. Perfect. We are really careful and we love Rudder so much.

Sack Race
My Chickadee
A Knight, A Princess, And a chicken!!!!
We had so much fun at the Liberty City carnival. It was cheap and there was good company.

Fall 2009

Probably about to commit crime:) Sister love
Workin' o so hard to get anywhere Good Ole' Bill Bates Pumpkin Patch you never let us down!! We had so much fun going out there with Logan and Kennedy. We wish that you would make there be a day that no schools are allowed...we hate fighting the millions of matching shirts and children that are running crazy, but we go anyway. What is fall without a pumpkin patch???