Thursday, February 28, 2008

Week In Review

Our Lovely constant eating lion.
An afternoon of dress up. If you become a bad guy, you must act like one too!!
Brotherly Love
Trouble...Lunch time during nap time always goes well.

Karleigh holding Mac...Hope she doesn't get Pink eye:)
Mackey. She choose a back shot so you couldn't see how BIG her belly is.
Paxton showing his muscles outside the water
The Threesome...soon to be 4!!!

During President's Day we were able to spend some quality time with dad and take the kids swimming at the gym. Thankfully swimming lessons has ruined my child who is fearful or the water and wants nothing to do with swimming. Little does he know that he will not ruin my swimming plans with the girls this summer and HE WILL SWIM.
On Friday we went to get Mackey's contact. That was interesting Her face was briused from us holding her down. After about 15 minutes we had a contact in and she had forgiven us.
This weekend we went to Liberty City to hang with the Cox Family. It was so precious it was like Paxton and Drew discovered each other and had a blast hanging out. They played so well together. Mackey is waiting on Baby Jake So that she can have her own baby doll. We had a great time at the park and eating well..which we always do:) Before we left we went to eat with the Hagen's. Fun times always!! We left Libery City with 4 pink eyes. They always get sick on my day to work so Rusty was the lucky dog who got to go to the pediatrician and apply eye drops.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's 2008

Some of the Greatest Friends a Girl could ask for...I am sandwiched between pregos:)
My running buddy... and great friend. I look a little cold.
Us and Our Sweet Friends Danny and Jessica
The Girls
The Guys

One of the delicious cookies at our Play-date Party
Us and Our fabulous Friends Andrew and Shay Shull...who is prego after much prayer. Yeah Baby Shull, Sept 08'

US....5th Valentine's together...

Mackey looking a little rough after a lot of kids and candy
Paxton and MackeyMicah...looking oh so sweet! The carriage even survived
The later group minus....Addie Court, AnnMarie Svoboda, Kate White, and Riley Rackers, and Liam Finan.
Lainey, Paxton, Hadley, Mackey, and Micah (who has a new baby brother Liam in the NICU...hoping to have him home next week)

Mackey after Picture People in the play area at the mall
Love this guy!!!
Mackey and Paxton love Baby Kate...I think Mackey is jealous of all that hair.
This Valentine's was super packed and great. It was surrounded by great friends, family, and food. One day this week we ventured to Picture People for their free 8x10 and Valentine's cards...which many of you recieved in the mail today. I had to be strong and stick with the "FREE" offer. Of course they come out with framed pic that cost $130. What do they do with all those photos??? they thow them away??? Thursday morning we had a bunch of Paxton and Mackey's friends over for a Valentine's Party. It lasted 3 hours with people coming and going and was so much fun for kids and mothers. We had wedding punch, cookies, and chicken minis. LOTS of good junk. Paxton and AnnMarie win for the most junk eaten. Every time I turned around they had found another thing of candy. I wish I had a pic of them eating FunDip. They were so careful to not loose one piece of sugar. Then we celebrated with our Sunday school class our 2nd Annual V-Day Dinner. This year we went to Terilli's. It was great. Erika, Jessica, and I love planning this social because we get to get all dressed up and eat great food. When I was getting dressed Paxton asked me if I was a princess...where does he get this stuff???We are so blessed to be loved by friends and family.

Refusing to smile....Stubborn

Last Sunday Rusty and I decided that we would try and use our Canon camera that he gave me for our first Christmas together and see if we could be professional photographers. We were pretty pleased with ourselves. If only we could get Mackey to smile. She is impossible to make smile, she always has a very serious look...Notice that Paxton got a faux-hawk???. He is so proud of his spiked in-style hair. Rusty is jealous of his hair cut.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

LIfe in A Nutshell....

Free entertainment. A friend of mine gave me these baskets in an effort to de-cludder her house and Paxton and Mackey think they are their boats. Fun times until someone gets hurt...usually Mackey.
Look at that BELLY. We pray Mac has great metabolism because she is an endless food eater. After a good meal her stomach is ridiculous.
The lovely table that sent us to the ER. Mackey has the tendency to cheat wearing the glasses and the patch and then falls everywhere since she can't see out of the bad eye. This week she bit through her tongue. It was horrible. I assumed she was fine but since I did not know exactly what she hit thoughts of internal injury landed us in the McKinney ER for about 3 hours.
GG and Mackey at the pound as we purchased our "Mouse killer".
"Buckley" or "Buc-Buc"

Tickle Tickle, Paxton loves to let the cat tickle his face.
GG and Paxton working on Play-Do
Mackey in her church clothes, we are so excited about the expensive contacts because we miss seeing her beautiful face...and there being no glare on the glasses.

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind so I am going to re-cap with pics and lists.

1.) We got a new cat...I know it's crazy since the last one I had to return 2 days later to the pound. This one is mature and we have a great relationship. "Buckley" the cat is SO patient with the kids and lets them do whatever...literally!!! He is a lot nicer than I would be:)

2.) Mackey had another Dr. appt and she still has a "crazy" eye...BUT we are getting contacts. This afternoon I talked GG into going with us to babysit Paxton while Mac and I went to learn how to put the contact in. Things were not successful and instead of the $60 per 6 months we are now getting "custom" contacts which only cost $250 every 4 months.:) I just smiled and said of course.

3.)Paxton still cries all the way through swim lessons. He told me this week. "I do not scoop", "I do not kick", and "I do not get my head wet". He means every word!! Poor young swim teacher.

4.)This weekend the Melissa Cardinals take on the Anna Coyotes for a spot in the play-offs and we love going with all of our friends to root them on.

5.) It makes me whell up with joy to hear Paxton singing "Jesus loves me", "My God is so Big", and making sure that every night he reads his "bible study". It is unbelievable that children at 2 years can grasp a concept like Jesus. In this crazy world Paxton and Mackey "get God".

6.)HadleyMac was featured on the Dallas Trendy moms website and I am in the process of maybe selling to a booth at the Dallas World Trade Center. I also got a lady who is sewing my ideas for me which relieves stress.

I have really been exhausted from all the doctor hopping and swim lessons lately but have completely enjoyed Paxton and Mackey. They become your best friends when you are a stay at home mom. They are best friends. Paxton is my high maintenance, loveable, sensitive child. He is the one that is talking have to be very careful what you say. I realized that I had to stop saying crap when he stood at the play closet and said, "look at all this crap". He loves to hug and tell you how much he loves you...which is very sweet right after he has caused bodily harm to Mackey. Mackey on the other hand is VERY sweet. She has really started loving her mommy, which of course I know soon she will realize how great her father is, so I am taking advantage of all the attention. She is so kind, makes you work for a smile, and calm natured. She loves her big brother and gets in a tizzy when he takes something from her or is eating something that she is not.