Thursday, February 28, 2008

Week In Review

Our Lovely constant eating lion.
An afternoon of dress up. If you become a bad guy, you must act like one too!!
Brotherly Love
Trouble...Lunch time during nap time always goes well.

Karleigh holding Mac...Hope she doesn't get Pink eye:)
Mackey. She choose a back shot so you couldn't see how BIG her belly is.
Paxton showing his muscles outside the water
The Threesome...soon to be 4!!!

During President's Day we were able to spend some quality time with dad and take the kids swimming at the gym. Thankfully swimming lessons has ruined my child who is fearful or the water and wants nothing to do with swimming. Little does he know that he will not ruin my swimming plans with the girls this summer and HE WILL SWIM.
On Friday we went to get Mackey's contact. That was interesting Her face was briused from us holding her down. After about 15 minutes we had a contact in and she had forgiven us.
This weekend we went to Liberty City to hang with the Cox Family. It was so precious it was like Paxton and Drew discovered each other and had a blast hanging out. They played so well together. Mackey is waiting on Baby Jake So that she can have her own baby doll. We had a great time at the park and eating well..which we always do:) Before we left we went to eat with the Hagen's. Fun times always!! We left Libery City with 4 pink eyes. They always get sick on my day to work so Rusty was the lucky dog who got to go to the pediatrician and apply eye drops.


Tyne White said...

Hey Whitney, good to talk to you last night. I am excited for y'all. If you get a chance, let me know that gal's address that does the blog design. Let me know if you want me to do a banner/background for you... I will cut you a sweet deal if you can pass me on to your friends. I am working on last minute details for my new business Coutureblogs and hope to have it up and running by next week.

Beau, Melissa, & Brynne said...

Those kiddos are too cute!

Shull Family said...

Your little lion makes me smile! That is the cutest picture!!!

APRIL said...

I love the hulk costume. Costumes are ALL Ty wears these days...I would say its a phase but then again I don't remember a time when he didn't want to "dress up"
precious times!!!