Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stroll on over to the New Spring Line of Brassy Blueberries. Thanks to many models we are up and running:) Not everything is up yet but some is...Browse, shop, and spread the word. We will continue to update frequently as many new things are still arriving on my doorstep.

Still to come: more dresses, more skirts, awesome handbags, and some really unique necklaces.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

you are one of a kind...special in everyway. I love that you cannot smile without scrunching your nose. That you are sooo laid back (you must have known your mom cannot handle another high maintenence child). You are 10 3/4 months. You pull up and have been for about 2 months. You let go and then realize it and grasp for something quickly. You have two bottom teeth and about a million coming in, hence the issues in the diapers we have been having. You love to be held, hate to be kissed, and laugh so hard at Paxton and Mackey. You share a room with Mackey and many mornings Mackey has crawled in the crib and played dolls with you. You eat well and are not picky at all. You look a lot like your dad although you favor Mackey as a baby. You have some thighs sister!!! You win for most squishy legs and they are always raw
from all that crawling. I cannot believe you will be 1 soon. You don't favor any toy you just lurk around all day. You take great naps. We adore you!!! We look forward to watching you grow in 2010.

The new face of Mackey. We are back in glasses. She developed a contact intolerance. I searched high and low for some stylish, fun glasses and here is one of our pairs. This happens to be her favorite. We put rhinestones in the corners and change them weekly. She calls it her bling. I know someday she will appreciate all that we are doing for that "crazy eye". Just so you know....she had the surgery to correct the ahem***gouch eye (aka wandering eye). It no longer goes out. For some reason, her brain stopped using the eye and now it is up to us to patch, use atropine drops, and be faithful in all this. She will probably never get out of glasses/contacts but we need to prevent the eye from being "dead", not seeing at all. I think she can see more than she lets on at the dr office.  So, we will keep you up to date on our little princesses special eye.

Paxton did not know he was meeting Santa that night or he would have brushed his hair. He looks so old.

Singing their sweet little hearts out. Paxton did a lot of chewing on his sleeve but Mac had the vocals.

Mackey and her best friend, she will not stop talking about Morgan.

The crime scene...right before the chaos errupted

Mackey's new face. We are back in stylish glasses

Kirb with her own stroller...thanks Aunt Tonya for hooking a girl up

When the baby cries...shut her up

After we opened our poppers...everyone had to read their joke and wear their crown

We were a little tired

On her plasma car...tight sqeeze

Look at these friends...look at this mess
This Christmas was so much fun. We went to Grandma and Big Daddy's on Monday through Wednesday. We of course enjoyed playing with new toys, playing Mexican Train, eating like pigs, and playing Big Daddy's Wii. Wednesday night we ate in Denton with the Searight gang and enjoyed some Whitey time (of course we still tried to convince her to move to McKinney). The kids got Nerf shooters from Kelly and Gib...Watch out, payback isn't pretty. Thursday mom and I had some much fun cooking more food for Christmas day. That afternoon we went to the candlelight service at church and again were blessed by our church and the effort they put into having a great celebration of Jesus's birth. After church SueSue let Paxton open one gift and it was the Wii snowboarding game. Since Paxton borrowed her Wii about 11 months ago he is on a long term lease. He snowboarded for several hours. Christmas morning we woke up and slowly opened presents. It was so nice to have nothing to do and no where to go. Our power went out for about 2 hours but it was ok becuase everything needed batteries. We were joined by our sweet neighbors for lunch and just enjoyed relaxing. Highlight presents were: a castle from Santa, the leapster with a Batman game for Paxton, and Mackey loved her plasma car. She said she had "always wanted one of these." How precious. This year we had a hard time explaining to Paxton that Christmas is not about receiving but celebrating Jesus. That was a hard lesson to explain and learn. We are beyond blessed and look forward to 2010.

Random....Gross for some I am sure. I recently went to clean the deep freezer out. I was misinformed by my wonderful hubby. When I stopped nursing he told me there wasn't very much breast milk out there!! Obviously there was... I know this is a crazy blog post but I wanted to remember this about my post-pregnancies just in case I am done:) The weeks following child birth were painful and full of some serious over production. I almost cringe to look at a pump. I am fortunate to have had that experience but good gosh...I threw some serious liquid gold away.

Happy 3 Year Birthday. Mackey had a princess tea party. It was great we rented the La Madeleine party room (which is free) and had them cater drinks, chicken salad, and fruit salad. It was so sweet. The girls decorated cups, played paper dolls, and wore their best princess costume. The whole party was $130!!! The best part was we used their plates and made a glitter mess in their party room. Miss Melissa from Krogers made Mackey the sweetest princess cake.

Love this picture. MoMo and are just too precious.

Snow!! We had a white Christmas. It was so great to have a Christmas that looks like the pictures in the storybooks. Paxton loved the snow; however, Mackey did not like getting hit with snow balls. We went to the Christmas eve candlelight service and when we came out the ground was covered and the wind was blistery.