Thursday, January 07, 2010

Paxton did not know he was meeting Santa that night or he would have brushed his hair. He looks so old.

Singing their sweet little hearts out. Paxton did a lot of chewing on his sleeve but Mac had the vocals.

Mackey and her best friend, she will not stop talking about Morgan.

The crime scene...right before the chaos errupted

Mackey's new face. We are back in stylish glasses

Kirb with her own stroller...thanks Aunt Tonya for hooking a girl up

When the baby cries...shut her up

After we opened our poppers...everyone had to read their joke and wear their crown

We were a little tired

On her plasma car...tight sqeeze

Look at these friends...look at this mess
This Christmas was so much fun. We went to Grandma and Big Daddy's on Monday through Wednesday. We of course enjoyed playing with new toys, playing Mexican Train, eating like pigs, and playing Big Daddy's Wii. Wednesday night we ate in Denton with the Searight gang and enjoyed some Whitey time (of course we still tried to convince her to move to McKinney). The kids got Nerf shooters from Kelly and Gib...Watch out, payback isn't pretty. Thursday mom and I had some much fun cooking more food for Christmas day. That afternoon we went to the candlelight service at church and again were blessed by our church and the effort they put into having a great celebration of Jesus's birth. After church SueSue let Paxton open one gift and it was the Wii snowboarding game. Since Paxton borrowed her Wii about 11 months ago he is on a long term lease. He snowboarded for several hours. Christmas morning we woke up and slowly opened presents. It was so nice to have nothing to do and no where to go. Our power went out for about 2 hours but it was ok becuase everything needed batteries. We were joined by our sweet neighbors for lunch and just enjoyed relaxing. Highlight presents were: a castle from Santa, the leapster with a Batman game for Paxton, and Mackey loved her plasma car. She said she had "always wanted one of these." How precious. This year we had a hard time explaining to Paxton that Christmas is not about receiving but celebrating Jesus. That was a hard lesson to explain and learn. We are beyond blessed and look forward to 2010.


Tammy said...

LOVE the glasses sister!! She is so beautiful and those glasses are awesome! I know one day she will have a pair to match every outfit! (and her mommy wouldn't accept anything less) :)