Thursday, January 07, 2010

you are one of a kind...special in everyway. I love that you cannot smile without scrunching your nose. That you are sooo laid back (you must have known your mom cannot handle another high maintenence child). You are 10 3/4 months. You pull up and have been for about 2 months. You let go and then realize it and grasp for something quickly. You have two bottom teeth and about a million coming in, hence the issues in the diapers we have been having. You love to be held, hate to be kissed, and laugh so hard at Paxton and Mackey. You share a room with Mackey and many mornings Mackey has crawled in the crib and played dolls with you. You eat well and are not picky at all. You look a lot like your dad although you favor Mackey as a baby. You have some thighs sister!!! You win for most squishy legs and they are always raw
from all that crawling. I cannot believe you will be 1 soon. You don't favor any toy you just lurk around all day. You take great naps. We adore you!!! We look forward to watching you grow in 2010.


Brent and Abbey said...

Kirby got her 2 front teeth JUST in time for Christmas! She is so sweet!