Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 08'

Rusty and I Inspecting Rusty's work
Helpers from a different perspective
Rusty and His Helpers
What a Threesome
Picking out the Perfect Tree
Grandma and the kids on the Hayride
Going into the Back field for a Tree in the 10ft range
Paxton, Kevin, and Mackey
The Birthday Girl
The Cox Family
Grandma Kal and Mackey in their lavender
4 Generations
Mom and I under the cabana watching the Aggies get beat...luckily all the Longhorn fans went to the game so we didn't have to listen to all their trash.
GG and Whitey had come "full circle" and ended back up at the kids table.
Gobble 'til you Wobble...
Friendly little game of washers...Searight/Cox verses Pigg Family
Mackey tickling GG... The product of the blending, she was going for the handle bar moustache...Mackey with Leah and Jesse
Mackey got to help the famous baker Fadra in the kitchen...she used the real blender and everything.
Who knew college kids could be so entertained by how many obstacles Thomas the Train could take down. Paxton of course was in heaven...trains and big boys. Celebrating Mackey's 2nd B-day...Rusty and Blair felt like they needed to help the birthday girl blow out the cake.
My little Austin bats at the Austin Children's Museum
GG getting served food at Cafe Mackey
Mackey playing vet in the animal hospital
The gang at the Austin Children's Museum
We loaded up and headed for Austin and Liberty City. We have had the most action packed Thanksgiving holiday. First we were entertained in Austin...full with shopping, eating, and football. We stopped at the San Marcos Outlet mall and bought Kirby her bedding and a few Christmas presents. We then headed to Barton Creek for good ole' family time. I was able to see long time friend Kristy Potts and do some mall shopping with her and Analeise. We had more food and pies than you can imagine Thanksgiving day... I think that Kirby gained at least 5 pounds this week. Our children were real troopers as we stayed up till about 12:30 am almost every evening because the fun just didn't stop. Friday morning we headed to Liberty City and got there in time for lunch. We had another great afternoon of playing with cousins and watching football. We were privileged to get to celebrate Grandma Kal's 80th birthday with her. We had a great night...private room, steaks, and birthday cake from the butcher shop. We were able to have a small Christmas celebration with the Parker family and Cheryl and Cori. Saturday morning all the Cox family headed to Danville Farms to help Rusty and I pick out the perfect tree. Where can you buy a 10ft tree for only $45??? The kids loved playing in all the trees. The perfect tree was perfect and we are so excited about heading home to add Christmas spirit to our home.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little...

My Little Indian Singing "Love the Lord your God with all you Heart, Soul, and Mind"
Mrs. Joni and Paxton...we will miss her next week.
Micah and Paxton...
The Indians and Pilgrims
Paxton's school..I love it. He has truly enjoyed it every Tuesday and Thursday. I feel like they are REALLY focused on Jesus and making sure the kids get the basics. He has made great friends with Micah and Gannon. Mrs. Joni (our favorite teacher) said they are inseparable and the three of them do everything together. Today Paxton's class had a Thanksgiving Feast catered by Chick Fil A. They had a program before the feast which included singing and all the kids dressed up as Indians or Pilgrims. Paxton had made a cute little Turkey out of a milk gallon. On it was things that Paxton was thankful for, they were: his family, his dogs, his toys, friends, and MOVIES:) Paxton was so excited to have his daddy come to the program and Mackey and I enjoyed having Rusty for company in the morning.

Where Has the time Gone???

So happy to be in Xander's exersaucer...I was so happy because what crawled in couldn't crawl out. That gave me some time to get some things done. She was singing her ABC's and happy as a lark.
Crying because she cannot hold Xander...we had the privilege of babysitting Baby Xander last Thursday. Mackey thought it was awesome.
Please have some sympathy for me or Kirby McCall...Mackey thinks that even kids her size are still "her" babies. She wants to hold them, hug them, and push their stroller. Thank you Addison (and Tiffany) for being such a good sport with Mackey. Nesting...thank you Rusty for just going along with. He even organized the attic while he was up there. What a Man!!!
Rusty and I were able to go bowling with our community group. Which on a funny note contains Charlie Alderman (a counselor at Camp Huawni when I was a camper) and Adam Bright (we grew up going to Camp Koinonia together).
What have we been up to...Is it really almost December???

4 Generations...

Our Precious Mackey
Our Serious Mac
One of my favorite people. I have loved that my kids have been able to love on GG.
Mackey and her SueSue
Do you know any 82 year old that looks this great...??? 4 Generations of Elizabeth's
Mackey, SueSue, GG, and I went and had our pictures taken this last weekend. It was such a sweet moment and I will cherish the pictures always. If you live in the area, Linda Bickford took our pictures and she was awesome. She was so affordable and very laid back. We were unable to do outside pics because it was freezing and windy...but we were so pleased with the turnout!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rusty and I keep asking when is Mackey going to grow out of her messy phase...we have decided never. She can't do anything without making a mess. Don't worry this icing only stained her skin for one night.
Tab and Andrew entertaining Paxton with some "set, hut" football. Paxton doesn't appreciate that he is playing with two Division 1 football players.
Waiting to eat some good Mexican Food at Mi Cocina We have a new super cool shopping area in Allen. It is an outdoor mall with lots of shopping. The greatest part is that most of the restaurants are open to outdoor play areas for the kids, full of metal longhorns and ducks. This last weekend we were able to have some Shull/Slaughter time. The Shulls enjoyed free childcare for Kensington while Paxton and Mackey enjoyed some special time with special friends. Later that night some old friends from Liberty City came up and joined in with our McKinney friends...obliviously Karleigh, Paxton, and especially Mackey enjoyed some Celebrity Bakery cookies complete with black icing. We had a great, full weekend with friends.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween

Mackey did not know that PatPat was coming with special treats. She likes to kiss and touch the big hairy spider SueSue had in her vine.
GG, a Poodle, and Batman...there's a first time for everything Rusty getting beat up by Batman
My Pink Poodle and my Batman
A cat and a in harmony
Mackey and Kensington
Rusty, Mac, and Paxton and the pumpkins they (I mean Rusty) carved...Good job Rusty!!!
Batman and a doesn't get any better than this. We started at Scare on the Square in downtown McKinney, took a detour to GG's, and then ended at PatPat's. We got LOTS of candy. PatPat was the only one to not give us candy...he blessed us with a cow and pig made of foam, and they loved them.