Thursday, November 20, 2008

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little...

My Little Indian Singing "Love the Lord your God with all you Heart, Soul, and Mind"
Mrs. Joni and Paxton...we will miss her next week.
Micah and Paxton...
The Indians and Pilgrims
Paxton's school..I love it. He has truly enjoyed it every Tuesday and Thursday. I feel like they are REALLY focused on Jesus and making sure the kids get the basics. He has made great friends with Micah and Gannon. Mrs. Joni (our favorite teacher) said they are inseparable and the three of them do everything together. Today Paxton's class had a Thanksgiving Feast catered by Chick Fil A. They had a program before the feast which included singing and all the kids dressed up as Indians or Pilgrims. Paxton had made a cute little Turkey out of a milk gallon. On it was things that Paxton was thankful for, they were: his family, his dogs, his toys, friends, and MOVIES:) Paxton was so excited to have his daddy come to the program and Mackey and I enjoyed having Rusty for company in the morning.