Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where Has the time Gone???

So happy to be in Xander's exersaucer...I was so happy because what crawled in couldn't crawl out. That gave me some time to get some things done. She was singing her ABC's and happy as a lark.
Crying because she cannot hold Xander...we had the privilege of babysitting Baby Xander last Thursday. Mackey thought it was awesome.
Please have some sympathy for me or Kirby McCall...Mackey thinks that even kids her size are still "her" babies. She wants to hold them, hug them, and push their stroller. Thank you Addison (and Tiffany) for being such a good sport with Mackey. Nesting...thank you Rusty for just going along with. He even organized the attic while he was up there. What a Man!!!
Rusty and I were able to go bowling with our community group. Which on a funny note contains Charlie Alderman (a counselor at Camp Huawni when I was a camper) and Adam Bright (we grew up going to Camp Koinonia together).
What have we been up to...Is it really almost December???