Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 08'

Rusty and I Inspecting Rusty's work
Helpers from a different perspective
Rusty and His Helpers
What a Threesome
Picking out the Perfect Tree
Grandma and the kids on the Hayride
Going into the Back field for a Tree in the 10ft range
Paxton, Kevin, and Mackey
The Birthday Girl
The Cox Family
Grandma Kal and Mackey in their lavender
4 Generations
Mom and I under the cabana watching the Aggies get beat...luckily all the Longhorn fans went to the game so we didn't have to listen to all their trash.
GG and Whitey had come "full circle" and ended back up at the kids table.
Gobble 'til you Wobble...
Friendly little game of washers...Searight/Cox verses Pigg Family
Mackey tickling GG... The product of the blending, she was going for the handle bar moustache...Mackey with Leah and Jesse
Mackey got to help the famous baker Fadra in the kitchen...she used the real blender and everything.
Who knew college kids could be so entertained by how many obstacles Thomas the Train could take down. Paxton of course was in heaven...trains and big boys. Celebrating Mackey's 2nd B-day...Rusty and Blair felt like they needed to help the birthday girl blow out the cake.
My little Austin bats at the Austin Children's Museum
GG getting served food at Cafe Mackey
Mackey playing vet in the animal hospital
The gang at the Austin Children's Museum
We loaded up and headed for Austin and Liberty City. We have had the most action packed Thanksgiving holiday. First we were entertained in Austin...full with shopping, eating, and football. We stopped at the San Marcos Outlet mall and bought Kirby her bedding and a few Christmas presents. We then headed to Barton Creek for good ole' family time. I was able to see long time friend Kristy Potts and do some mall shopping with her and Analeise. We had more food and pies than you can imagine Thanksgiving day... I think that Kirby gained at least 5 pounds this week. Our children were real troopers as we stayed up till about 12:30 am almost every evening because the fun just didn't stop. Friday morning we headed to Liberty City and got there in time for lunch. We had another great afternoon of playing with cousins and watching football. We were privileged to get to celebrate Grandma Kal's 80th birthday with her. We had a great night...private room, steaks, and birthday cake from the butcher shop. We were able to have a small Christmas celebration with the Parker family and Cheryl and Cori. Saturday morning all the Cox family headed to Danville Farms to help Rusty and I pick out the perfect tree. Where can you buy a 10ft tree for only $45??? The kids loved playing in all the trees. The perfect tree was perfect and we are so excited about heading home to add Christmas spirit to our home.