Sunday, April 12, 2009


My precious love bugs...
The Easter Bunny has a funny sense of Humor
Egg Hunting...after Mackey discovered there was candy in the eggs she was done hunting and on to eating.
Easter 2009
First matching dresses... many more to come
The Easter Bunny came
Easter was such a great and relaxing day. Church was awesome, food at Marla's was awesome, and the 3 hour nap I took was great. I woke up just in time to finish watching the Masters and then enjoy the beautiful evening outside. This Easter I was touched as I looked in Paxton's eyes and explained (in a very childlike way) the resurrection of Christ. For some reason it took on a whole other meaning to me as I looked at him and thought about how he is not mine but Christ;s and he was entrusted to me. It is my responsibility to be a Godly role model for him and teach him of Gods amazing Grace. What a God...Holy is He.

Miss Ebby Lee- I asked Erika permission before I posted these pics!!

Miss Ebby Lee and I Beautiful
Excited about another Baby
The boys with their babies. A little matchy matchy in this pic!
BFF...minus Kensington.
Kirby is actually bigger than somebody now.
Sweet Ebby Lee
6 pounds 13 ounces
Mackey after being at the hospital ALL DAY...she finally tuckered out
Lookin a little too good after having a baby...and pushing for two hours.
After a year of praying for a Slaughter baby...Erika got pregnant.
After 9 months of waiting...she was finally here!!
Shay and I went up to the hospital on Thursday expecting the induction to take forever and then come back up that night to see the beautiful Ebby Lee. Erika was such a champ and by noon was already 10 cm. Of course we couldn't leave them. Shay and I were quite the crew. I think by the end of the day we had gone through 8 diapers (most of them poopie), Shay owned a $19 Similac can (Kensington drinks Emfamil), and Mackey had eaten so much junk she was in a sugar coma.
Ebby Lee is precious. We already love her like she is our own...Paxton informed me that he thought she was really cute but then thought he needed to remind me that she is not ours. We already told Kirby and Ebby Lee that though they will be best friends all bets are off when we go reselling.

Happy 30th Birthday Ang!!!
Since Rusty was out of town I roped Erika into going to Dallas with me to celebrate the BIG 30. It was nice to have an evening with Angela without kids...and might I add Angela was wearing a dress and lookin sexy.