Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pretty In Pink....

Mackey had her toe nails painted for the first time (18months) a beautiful shade of Pepto- Bismal. She LOVED the color but HATED the to stay still long enough to let it dry.

Shay (due in Sept) and I
The Boys
She had him at Hello...he loved going with Shay into the deep
Mackey with the stolen shovel
GG basking in the sun

We have a small portion of the Gulf right here in McKinney. Thanks to the Shulls for paying Stonebridge HOA fees so that we can be beach bums with them. We have been to the beach twice now and have thoroughly loved it. Shay, GG, and I with the kids went last week and then this Friday we went there on a "date" with the Shulls. Andrew, Rusty, and Paxton got a little sandy. Shay and I had so much fun people watching and learned several things about Mackey in observation. She is a klepto , the whole day she kept going and stealing others buckets, pails, and shovels...she was however able to build a fabulous castle. She is bossy (where does she get that from?) she had all the 10 year old boys waiting at the slide for her and she put her hand up and told them "wait"! And she is also very brave, she refused to back down from the whiny 4 year old that did not want to share the sand. We have loved the beach club and look forward to many more beach bum days.

Camp Wow

Mac is in the crowd somewhere... I love being around the high school girls because they immediately take our children and entertain them
Paxton eating cheese puffs on a bunk bed

Last week Rusty went as a counselor to Camp Wow in Oklahoma. Camp Wow is were our church FBC McKinney has its summer camp. Rusty had an incredible group of high-schoolers...there was good food, good company (Erika even went to summer camp), and good competition. Rusty was on the black team so the night before camp we had to buy LOTS of black. Thirty seven children committed to a life following Christ...AMAzing!!!!

Paxton, Mac, and I with Melissa Presley and Champe headed to Oklahoma on Wednesday to enjoy some good camp time. My heart LOVES summer camps, I hope that Paxton and Mackey are able to experience camp like I was. We enjoyed watching Rusty and the Black team compete and worship together. How lucky these children are to have adults who take off work to invest in there eternal lives.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer is Here

Walking up to the pool for some summer fun
Mackey writing her menu for the pool
Brant and Paxton excited about the pool...hugging
Sour Face, I made her put the Princess fruit sacks down

Summer is Here...If you need us we will be at the pool!!

Paxton very cautiously keeping his head above water with goggles on and Mackey(Big Nasty) upset because food and drink are not allowed in the pool and she may have to put them done awhile.


Whitey and GG holding down the ship
Drew catching the pirate
Brant and Paxton...
Pirate Andrew Shull...look'in good.
Drew and Paxton...water guns are a hit at three

Sword Fighting...Paxton did a great job helping paint the Boats
Nugget Hunting
Wearing His New Googles..funny thing is he never goes under water

Big Nasty (coined phrase by Tab) eating cake and drinking juice
Pirate Paxton
Island Hopping... was wonderful
Swimming with SueSue
Blowing the Candles out

I cannot believe it. Paxton is three!!! These last few years are filled with so much love and laughter. He is our little comedian and our tantrum thrower all rolled up into one blonde hair blue eyed boy. Paxton celebrated his birthday Pirate Style. Three is such a fun birthday because they get it...they know there will be friends, presents, and cake. I think he was so excited that his most special people where in one place. We had a wonderful cake made by my Martha Stewart neighbor, Gina...she just threw a cake together to give him as his birthday gift (4 pounds of sugar used!!!). We had a treasure hunt too, to get to the treasure you first had to island hop, then have a sword fight in the boats, next find gold nuggets, then catch the pirate (pinata), and then the treasure chest was presented to the brave pirates. Paxton had a great time and was lucky to get some great new toys.

Paxton (Best Friend),

You are such a special gift from God. You are always high maintenance...even your entrance into the world was dramatic. You have such a gentle heart. You have come a long way in your cleanness. You hate to have dirty hands. You love to cuddle...thank goodness you stopped coming down stairs at 3 in the a.m. to cuddle. You are fully TT trained but for some reason you WILL NOT poop in the potty. It is so weird. You LOVE to read. You would read a full 200 page novel if someone would read it to you, often SueSue needs relief from you love of reading after about 30 books in one sitting. You can make ANYONE feel special, you have true zest for life that is so contagious...especially when you laugh. Grandma says she could listen to you laugh all day long. You still love anything that has wheels...borderline obsessed. Most little kids have teddy bear, you cuddle with a car and have a hard time narrowing down which car to snuggle with at night. You love Mackey...I cannot wait to see how you guys have such a close love/hate bond. Especially if she dates your friends. You still love you best friend Brant. There is not a day that goes by that you don't mention him. You guys play so well together. You love to play outside but have a VERY healthy fear of the water. Swimming lessons really messed you up, Heaven for bid your head get wet. But most of all you have impressed your dad and I with your love for the Lord. You will not let me get away at night without your bible story reading and a prayer. The same people are prayed for every night: SueSue, PatPat, Grandma, Big Daddy,mommy, daddy, Mackey, Uncle Kyle, Uncle Randy (which sounds like Macaroni), Aunt Tonya, and Baby Jake and Baby Drew. ALWAYS AND IN THAT ORDER. One time you scared daddy when you told him that Jesus was coming to pick you and Mackey up to go for a ride in the clouds...sounds fun but imagination like that scares a parent. I was so proud of you the other day when we were eating breakfast and I asked you where Jesus lived and you said on a boat. I was so shocked that you were actually listening in Sunday School when we talked about the disciples and Jesus on the boat. I look forward to many great experiences with you, but most of all I look forward to the way that God uses your zeal.
Love, Mom

My LIttle TanMan is all Growed Up...

At the end of a LONG day watching the fireworks
Macadoodle...we had only been there and she is already eating all our snacks
Entertaining at the Graduation...right before fall
Whitey and her babies...PatPat, Sally, and Gib

What more can a Girl ask for...unlimited juice boxes, popcorn, and baseball
Whitey and I cheering on the Rangers
My Baby Cousin...High School Grad

For as long as I can remember Tanner Allen Searight has been a little boy/kid. I finally came to realization that last Saturday he is all grown up. He walked the stage and got the High School diploma. Unfortunately I missed it since Paxton seconds before sliced his lip in half and gushed blood...(he's ok, lip is healed). After the graduation we headed to the Ranger game where we had the big suite overlooking the field and all you can eat buffet. This is the last high school graduation until Gage Rieger (age 5) so his parents sure did through a party. At the end of the night we moved to center field and watched an incredible fire work show set to awesome 80's songs. The Rangers may not be doing wonderful but they sure can spend the dough on the fireworks. We are so proud of Tanner. He starts school at Texas A&M Galveston at the end of June. Where I am sure it will be all studies and very little ocean...RIGHT Tanner???

Jacob "Jake" Layne Cox
April 25th at 3:10pm
8 pounds, 10 ounces, 19.5 inches
Proud Parents: Randy and Tonya
I know that I am really behind on this post but...we are so excited about the new addition to our family. I have been able to see him a couple times the last few months and I LOVE cuddling with him. He is such a little ball of rolls. We love you Jake and we look forward to seeing the things God does in your life.

Memorial Day 2008

This memorial day I worked...So the Sunday before us, SueSue and PatPat and The Slaughters headed to Uncle Julio's for some great Mexican Food. PatPat taught Paxton all sorts of tricks.