Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shay (due in Sept) and I
The Boys
She had him at Hello...he loved going with Shay into the deep
Mackey with the stolen shovel
GG basking in the sun

We have a small portion of the Gulf right here in McKinney. Thanks to the Shulls for paying Stonebridge HOA fees so that we can be beach bums with them. We have been to the beach twice now and have thoroughly loved it. Shay, GG, and I with the kids went last week and then this Friday we went there on a "date" with the Shulls. Andrew, Rusty, and Paxton got a little sandy. Shay and I had so much fun people watching and learned several things about Mackey in observation. She is a klepto , the whole day she kept going and stealing others buckets, pails, and shovels...she was however able to build a fabulous castle. She is bossy (where does she get that from?) she had all the 10 year old boys waiting at the slide for her and she put her hand up and told them "wait"! And she is also very brave, she refused to back down from the whiny 4 year old that did not want to share the sand. We have loved the beach club and look forward to many more beach bum days.