Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camp Wow

Mac is in the crowd somewhere... I love being around the high school girls because they immediately take our children and entertain them
Paxton eating cheese puffs on a bunk bed

Last week Rusty went as a counselor to Camp Wow in Oklahoma. Camp Wow is were our church FBC McKinney has its summer camp. Rusty had an incredible group of high-schoolers...there was good food, good company (Erika even went to summer camp), and good competition. Rusty was on the black team so the night before camp we had to buy LOTS of black. Thirty seven children committed to a life following Christ...AMAzing!!!!

Paxton, Mac, and I with Melissa Presley and Champe headed to Oklahoma on Wednesday to enjoy some good camp time. My heart LOVES summer camps, I hope that Paxton and Mackey are able to experience camp like I was. We enjoyed watching Rusty and the Black team compete and worship together. How lucky these children are to have adults who take off work to invest in there eternal lives.