Monday, June 09, 2008


Whitey and GG holding down the ship
Drew catching the pirate
Brant and Paxton...
Pirate Andrew Shull...look'in good.
Drew and Paxton...water guns are a hit at three

Sword Fighting...Paxton did a great job helping paint the Boats
Nugget Hunting
Wearing His New Googles..funny thing is he never goes under water

Big Nasty (coined phrase by Tab) eating cake and drinking juice
Pirate Paxton
Island Hopping... was wonderful
Swimming with SueSue
Blowing the Candles out

I cannot believe it. Paxton is three!!! These last few years are filled with so much love and laughter. He is our little comedian and our tantrum thrower all rolled up into one blonde hair blue eyed boy. Paxton celebrated his birthday Pirate Style. Three is such a fun birthday because they get it...they know there will be friends, presents, and cake. I think he was so excited that his most special people where in one place. We had a wonderful cake made by my Martha Stewart neighbor, Gina...she just threw a cake together to give him as his birthday gift (4 pounds of sugar used!!!). We had a treasure hunt too, to get to the treasure you first had to island hop, then have a sword fight in the boats, next find gold nuggets, then catch the pirate (pinata), and then the treasure chest was presented to the brave pirates. Paxton had a great time and was lucky to get some great new toys.

Paxton (Best Friend),

You are such a special gift from God. You are always high maintenance...even your entrance into the world was dramatic. You have such a gentle heart. You have come a long way in your cleanness. You hate to have dirty hands. You love to cuddle...thank goodness you stopped coming down stairs at 3 in the a.m. to cuddle. You are fully TT trained but for some reason you WILL NOT poop in the potty. It is so weird. You LOVE to read. You would read a full 200 page novel if someone would read it to you, often SueSue needs relief from you love of reading after about 30 books in one sitting. You can make ANYONE feel special, you have true zest for life that is so contagious...especially when you laugh. Grandma says she could listen to you laugh all day long. You still love anything that has wheels...borderline obsessed. Most little kids have teddy bear, you cuddle with a car and have a hard time narrowing down which car to snuggle with at night. You love Mackey...I cannot wait to see how you guys have such a close love/hate bond. Especially if she dates your friends. You still love you best friend Brant. There is not a day that goes by that you don't mention him. You guys play so well together. You love to play outside but have a VERY healthy fear of the water. Swimming lessons really messed you up, Heaven for bid your head get wet. But most of all you have impressed your dad and I with your love for the Lord. You will not let me get away at night without your bible story reading and a prayer. The same people are prayed for every night: SueSue, PatPat, Grandma, Big Daddy,mommy, daddy, Mackey, Uncle Kyle, Uncle Randy (which sounds like Macaroni), Aunt Tonya, and Baby Jake and Baby Drew. ALWAYS AND IN THAT ORDER. One time you scared daddy when you told him that Jesus was coming to pick you and Mackey up to go for a ride in the clouds...sounds fun but imagination like that scares a parent. I was so proud of you the other day when we were eating breakfast and I asked you where Jesus lived and you said on a boat. I was so shocked that you were actually listening in Sunday School when we talked about the disciples and Jesus on the boat. I look forward to many great experiences with you, but most of all I look forward to the way that God uses your zeal.
Love, Mom


The Wall Family said...

Whit- I can't believe he's already 3! I love the pirate theme. Looks like ya'll had a great time.
Happy Birthday Paxton!