Monday, June 09, 2008

My LIttle TanMan is all Growed Up...

At the end of a LONG day watching the fireworks
Macadoodle...we had only been there and she is already eating all our snacks
Entertaining at the Graduation...right before fall
Whitey and her babies...PatPat, Sally, and Gib

What more can a Girl ask for...unlimited juice boxes, popcorn, and baseball
Whitey and I cheering on the Rangers
My Baby Cousin...High School Grad

For as long as I can remember Tanner Allen Searight has been a little boy/kid. I finally came to realization that last Saturday he is all grown up. He walked the stage and got the High School diploma. Unfortunately I missed it since Paxton seconds before sliced his lip in half and gushed blood...(he's ok, lip is healed). After the graduation we headed to the Ranger game where we had the big suite overlooking the field and all you can eat buffet. This is the last high school graduation until Gage Rieger (age 5) so his parents sure did through a party. At the end of the night we moved to center field and watched an incredible fire work show set to awesome 80's songs. The Rangers may not be doing wonderful but they sure can spend the dough on the fireworks. We are so proud of Tanner. He starts school at Texas A&M Galveston at the end of June. Where I am sure it will be all studies and very little ocean...RIGHT Tanner???