Thursday, September 14, 2006


It has been a crazy time lately...but I cannot figure out why??? Paxton is still a mamma's boy so we are trying to work out the separation anxiety, church nursery is always a huge meltdown. He is ALL over the place. He must see his mom on the phone a lot because now he walks around the house with the fake cell phone up to his ear and babbles, kinda scary how much they pick up on. Mackey is a busy body, but only at night when I am trying to go to sleep. We have our 24 week appointment today, hopefully everything is ok considering I have not really gained any weight, we will be addressing this question today. But the greatest news of all the foundation is poured on the house and a phone call from my dad 5 minutes ago informed me that the bottom floor is completely we are moving right along for a December move in date...yeah. Hopefully we can start packing soon...we seem to have filled up every weekend so far. We are looking forward to September 29-31 for Rusty and I's big trip to College Station for the Tech game with all our friends. We are staying in a house that Olivia and Doug recently bought at Pebble Creek. There is only electricity and water though so lots of blow up mattresses and good hang out time with the Brewer and Wall families. Thank goodness Whitey (Grandma Searight) has finally healing from her hip surgery and has made it to rehab...GET BETTER SOON WHITEY!!!!(I know she checks this because she informs me when she needs an update.) Well, hopefully the building will continue at a good speed and we can finally start packing soon.