Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Isn't she Beautiful
3 Go in... 2 come out Cave
Our View of the Sea of Cortez
Watching the Hispanic Grease show as our nightly Entertainment

The Land

The crew of the ship were liking me and my mom. They had us up dancing for a good 10 was not an option. Good thing we didn't know anyone.

A friendly little dolphin
On the boat cruise...GG was a trooper so that mom and I could snorkel
The window to the sea...Cabo is famous for this rock structure.

First Night Out...Girl Time...not too burned. One book down several more to go...
Way off in the distance the houses all along the waterways
GG stuck in her dress

Arrival...welcome to sunny Cabo. We stayed at the Riu Palace which has proven great now in two Mexico cities.
Poolside. Everyone was watching a wedding by the beach.

Cabo or Bust...

The girls loaded up and headed out. GG, SueSue, and I headed to Cabo for a long weekend. We had so much fun RELAXING, reading lots of books and trashy magazines, and a boat cruise/snorkeling. It was not quite the landscape I had expected but beautiful. We ventured to the sea one day for some was beating. You can't really get into the water at the beaches in Cabo because the tide will sweep you away...didn't know that when we choose Cabo. The snorkeling was quite an adventure...a lot work. We did see a star fish. If you can imagine 5 big boats filled with hundreds of people all snorkeling in one area...when your hour was up the boat would honk and you would have to start back to the boat to load up and head on your way. SueSue and I were a little nervous to be left behind with GG on the ship. There was no head counting or anything just free for all dive in hope you get back in time. That was stressful. We had a wonderful time and I know that it is a vacation that my mom and I will always cherish.

Mackey wondering why no buterflies will land on her
The Lucky Lady
Checking out the animals
Inside a giant a shell
Inside a snake mouth

McKinney Zoo...Who knew the Heard Museum would be so fun...

A little piece of Africa right in our own backyard. We went to see the Butterfly garden and all hoped that they would land on us but the matriarch was the only lucky one.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 4th 2008

The group getting ready for some sno cones since the ice cream line was sooooo long.
Mackey was hot
Monkey See-Monkey Do....getting ready for bed after a long celebration
The girls getting ready for the BIG firework show
The Best Family Pic we could manage
Downtown at the Annual Clyde' s Corner Ice Cream Crank Off...Big Nasty is excited about the Ice Cream

The boys enjoying washers
Rachel helping Mac with her sparkler
The crazy boys....I guess they never grow up

Feeding the goats
Mackey feeling quite glamorous
Paxton a little more unsure

We celebrated the 4th with good entertainment, food, and friends. In the morning we went to Liberty for a petting zoo and a neighborhood parade. The kids loved the pets. Mac LOVES horses so she was so excited about riding the little pony. She was even doing a pageant wave as she rode by. Paxton was a little more skeptical but finally decided to give it a try. That night we celebrated with traditional hamburgers, homemade guac, and SueSue's homemade ice cream. After that we headed to Melissa's first annual firework show. It was quite impressive for their first go at it. We are so fortunate to live in a free country and celebrate freedom. I think often of the families I know who have someone actively in the military. We thank you for your discipline, your humble attitude, and the sacrifices you make.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

1st ANNUAL LaSata Trip

Our condo...a room on the 3rd floor
What we saw as we were leaving Florida...Nothing but blue skies headed this way...a little depressing
Going to Dallas to see the kids...hope they want to come home after all the spoiling.
A.J's Seafood...Tab can we discuss were you placed your Pina Colada cup?? You didn't want anyone to know that you drank girly drinks huh??
Sad that we are leaving in the morning...we didn't mean to color coordinate
Spoons Game

At the beach for the brief time before the monsoon hit
Nothing but rain in the forcast... we tried to be positive and stick it out..
It's hard to get sun when the sky is black

SanDestin...mainly the tourist are Georgia and Alabama folks. We got so tickled watching all the Southern boys with their swooping hair and too cool attitudes
What a Lawn Chair
Watching/Listening to Live Music on the grassy nole

What we saw day 1 pulling out of the airprt.
Heading out for the First Night
A look from a bridge onto, bars, restraunts, live music

We think that we may have found the best kept secret on the U.S....SanDestin Florida. It was so quaint and a small town with shopping, golfing, and beach bumming. I thought that I would be a wreck without the kids but...while I missed them, I really enjoyed the time away to pretend like a college girl again with NO responsibilites. Friday we had a relaxing day at the beach. Live music, boogie boarding, and a snack shack. What more could you want. Saturday the boys headed for a FREE round of golf at a premier Fred Couples course (thanks PatPat)....they were amazed that every few holes they recieved chilled apples. They were like giddy school girls as we dropped them off. Then off Erika and I went for our facial and massage. What a way to start off a vacation. Then out on the town for some great food. We were plagued by the was a little rainy but it was still a blast and we made a point to soak up the sun with every opportunity. Sunday was a half day at the beach for the girls with some shopping and the guys played another round of golf (thanks PatPat) Sunday night we were a threesome at Cantina Laredo (best Mexican Food ever) since Tab was sick. We missed him though. On Monday more RAIN...we ate a great breakfast and then sat in the hot tub for about 2 hours talking while the rain fell on our heads. It was really enjoyable to have rain coming down while we were sitting in warmth. We headed to AJ's seafood for dinner. We were a little let down by the seafood but it was still a great atmosphere with great company. We then played spoons...which of course Rusty won. We had a great time. We know that the kids enjoyed every minute spent with The Cox's in Liberty City and SueSue and PatPat. They were so spoiled I am surprised they wanted to come home with us. We look forward to visiting LaSata next year.