Tuesday, July 01, 2008

1st ANNUAL LaSata Trip

Our condo...a room on the 3rd floor
What we saw as we were leaving Florida...Nothing but blue skies headed this way...a little depressing
Going to Dallas to see the kids...hope they want to come home after all the spoiling.
A.J's Seafood...Tab can we discuss were you placed your Pina Colada cup?? You didn't want anyone to know that you drank girly drinks huh??
Sad that we are leaving in the morning...we didn't mean to color coordinate
Spoons Game

At the beach for the brief time before the monsoon hit
Nothing but rain in the forcast... we tried to be positive and stick it out..
It's hard to get sun when the sky is black

SanDestin...mainly the tourist are Georgia and Alabama folks. We got so tickled watching all the Southern boys with their swooping hair and too cool attitudes
What a Lawn Chair
Watching/Listening to Live Music on the grassy nole

What we saw day 1 pulling out of the airprt.
Heading out for the First Night
A look from a bridge onto SanDestin...shopping, bars, restraunts, live music

We think that we may have found the best kept secret on the U.S....SanDestin Florida. It was so quaint and a small town with shopping, golfing, and beach bumming. I thought that I would be a wreck without the kids but...while I missed them, I really enjoyed the time away to pretend like a college girl again with NO responsibilites. Friday we had a relaxing day at the beach. Live music, boogie boarding, and a snack shack. What more could you want. Saturday the boys headed for a FREE round of golf at a premier Fred Couples course (thanks PatPat)....they were amazed that every few holes they recieved chilled apples. They were like giddy school girls as we dropped them off. Then off Erika and I went for our facial and massage. What a way to start off a vacation. Then out on the town for some great food. We were plagued by the weather...it was a little rainy but it was still a blast and we made a point to soak up the sun with every opportunity. Sunday was a half day at the beach for the girls with some shopping and the guys played another round of golf (thanks PatPat) Sunday night we were a threesome at Cantina Laredo (best Mexican Food ever) since Tab was sick. We missed him though. On Monday more RAIN...we ate a great breakfast and then sat in the hot tub for about 2 hours talking while the rain fell on our heads. It was really enjoyable to have rain coming down while we were sitting in warmth. We headed to AJ's seafood for dinner. We were a little let down by the seafood but it was still a great atmosphere with great company. We then played spoons...which of course Rusty won. We had a great time. We know that the kids enjoyed every minute spent with The Cox's in Liberty City and SueSue and PatPat. They were so spoiled I am surprised they wanted to come home with us. We look forward to visiting LaSata next year.


renee rea said...

love that swim suit!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We have been going to SanDestin since 1985.Meghan got engaged there in 1999. We just love it. We were ther last year for our 40th anniversary. Ron loves the golf and I love just about everthing. We have taken friends of our children with us. We used to stay at the Hilton but have stayed in the condos on the beach lately.We found a restaurant last time on the inlet by the Destin bridge. Great fresh seafood.Basically a shack but great food. Glad you enjoyed one of our very favorite places to go. Love seeing the twosome grow.
Love to you,
Linda and Ron Odom