Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Isn't she Beautiful
3 Go in... 2 come out Cave
Our View of the Sea of Cortez
Watching the Hispanic Grease show as our nightly Entertainment

The Land

The crew of the ship were liking me and my mom. They had us up dancing for a good 10 was not an option. Good thing we didn't know anyone.

A friendly little dolphin
On the boat cruise...GG was a trooper so that mom and I could snorkel
The window to the sea...Cabo is famous for this rock structure.

First Night Out...Girl Time...not too burned. One book down several more to go...
Way off in the distance the houses all along the waterways
GG stuck in her dress

Arrival...welcome to sunny Cabo. We stayed at the Riu Palace which has proven great now in two Mexico cities.
Poolside. Everyone was watching a wedding by the beach.

Cabo or Bust...

The girls loaded up and headed out. GG, SueSue, and I headed to Cabo for a long weekend. We had so much fun RELAXING, reading lots of books and trashy magazines, and a boat cruise/snorkeling. It was not quite the landscape I had expected but beautiful. We ventured to the sea one day for some was beating. You can't really get into the water at the beaches in Cabo because the tide will sweep you away...didn't know that when we choose Cabo. The snorkeling was quite an adventure...a lot work. We did see a star fish. If you can imagine 5 big boats filled with hundreds of people all snorkeling in one area...when your hour was up the boat would honk and you would have to start back to the boat to load up and head on your way. SueSue and I were a little nervous to be left behind with GG on the ship. There was no head counting or anything just free for all dive in hope you get back in time. That was stressful. We had a wonderful time and I know that it is a vacation that my mom and I will always cherish.


The White House said...

GIRL!!! what in the world? How are you always going on all these fabulous vacations. What am I doing wrong? Take me with you next time, please...

The Berg Family said...

Hey Rusty- You have a beautiful family... it is good to see how we have all grown up. Please keep in touch and say hello to your buddies for us.- The Bergs