Sunday, February 22, 2009

Going Home... Snug as a Bug
SueSue to the Rescue
Laying in the tanning bed...too bad her mommy can't get some of those rays..
Going Home... We all decided to wear pink in Kirby's honor.
Grandma, Kirby and Big Daddy
SueSue, Kirby Q, and PatPat Mackey adoring Kirby Big Brother and his cupcake. Paxton was so worried that Kirby was not having a birthday cake...Thanks Slaughters for picking some cupcakes up so that Kirby could have her party.
Paxton and Kirby
Wearing their shirts proudly after opening their Big Brother/Big Sister gifts that Kirby had given them after she arrived.
Kirby McCauley
Right after the birth...thank goodness I showered and blow dried the hair at 4am
Fresh from the womb
Let the pushing begin...I must have been in between contractions since the epidural let me down...I look semi-relaxed
She is HERE and precious (of course coming from her mother)...
Kirby McCauley Cox
4 pounds 15 ounces 17 1/2 inches long
Born at 3:50p.m.
Whoever said that you third delivery would go quick was wrong. Wednesday night was the last night of the Procardia to keep her in... I had debated skipping it but was guilted by Rusty so I went ahead a took it. About 2:00am I woke up not really feeling great but thought that I was crazy. But 2:45 I woke Rusty up and told him I thought this might be the "it's time moment" that he had so longed for. He stated that he had hoped the "it's time moment" would occur during the day and to go back to sleep. By 4 am I decided to get a 2nd opinion from SueSue who stated she would be over soon and we should get ready. So Rusty and I took showers, packed bags, swept the front porch (seriously, I was crazy nesting) and headed to the hospital.
When we got there I was terrified they would say to go home it wasn't the time. The nurse who ironically had me a couple weeks ago said, "hey, we knew we would see you soon." Needless to say we were staying and I was 5cm, 70% effaced. She thought I would have the baby by noon (she was wrong!!). I got my epidural and that particular day the hospitals computers were down so everyone had a nurse in the room 24/7 with them to monitor the fetal strip stuff. Her name was Raquel "Rocky" and we would not have made it without her. She was amazing and said the right things to me at the right time. By 1:00pm Dr. Riegel broke my water and I was still progressing slowly. By 2:00pm my epidural started acting a fool ( I should get my money back for that stupid thing) My epidural stopped working, all you crazy people who intend to do that naturally I can't figure out WHY??? It hurts like a word not suitable for the blog. So basically I went through the pain of the epidural stick and then did childbirth naturally. It is like the movie, it hurts, you scream, you want to jump off the bed. Anyway...enough about how heroic I am.
She is here and healthy. We had a minor scare at first she was grunting to breath so had to go to the nursery for a couple hours to be monitored but came out great. Paxton and Mackey are in love. Paxton wants to hold her for short periods of time and Mackey wants to hold her all the time. It is so sweet! Breast feeding is going as to be expected...latching problems, hurting bosoms, and lactation consultations here we come. Oh...and we have some nasty jaundice...which means she has to stay on a tanning bed 24/7 except feedings until it gets better. Hopefully tomorrow because it is killing us to not be able to hold that precious little peanut...SueSue has come to the rescue renting TONS of movies, bringing over another comfy recliner, and bringing Paxton her Wii to borrow with a Batman Game. The boy is in Heaven.
We have been so blessed by friends and family...Thank you all. Thanks for the meals, the prayers, and bringing us fashionable preemie clothing (Sheaffer and Lisa:).

The Wonderful Hostess...Carlien, Angela, Me, Erica, and Shay
Me, Amy, and Carrie
Kirby and I are very blessed by friendship. Some of my girl friends threw me a small little shower to help welcome Sweet Kirby. The theme was "Sex in the City" was absolutely adorable. I could not ask for anything else than the precious out pouring of love from friends...I am blessed. The invitation read as follows: (how very clever girls)
Whitney's having baby number three...
Sounds like too much "Sex in the City".
Strap on your heels and join us for faux-tinis and appetizers...
Wasn't that just TOOOO clever.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update to the Update:
So we went to the dr. today. I am officially off "bedrest" but was told to take it real easy. He said that I need to try my best to be a mom to Paxton and Mackey but keep the swollen elephant feet up. As soon as I am ready to have a baby he said to resume daily Whitney living- crazy!! I am still on the Procardia and will be until next Thursday. I am ready to be done but am pushing for at least 36 weeks which should guarantee no NICU. Thank you guys for all the prayers and support.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whitey is on her way to save the Day

Well little Miss Kirby tried to make her debut Sunday but we fought it off. I am officially on a modified bedrest (as much as possible bedrest with a 2 and 3 year old). Saturday afternoon I wasn't feeling great and then Sunday morning I was having a crampy feeling with a lot of Braxton Hicks. Finally Sunday afternoon I decided to call the dr. and he thought it was nothing to worry about and that if I thought it was getting worse I could go up to the OB floor. Well, Rusty and I decided to go just to check and get peace of mind. When we got there I was in fact having contractions every two minutes, though I was still at 3cm. Since I am 4 days short of 35 weeks I was given IV fluids, Terbutaline which made me feel terrible, and Demerol for the contractions that were making my toes curl. So...all this to say is that Kirby is coming soon. I am at home taking Procardia to slow down/stop the contractions. Bags are packed and we are getting more excited. Whitey is on her way to save the day and is going to stay with us and help Rusty perform daily duties until Kirby comes. We are praying for healthy lungs and no NICU, but we are excited and know that it is all in God's control. We shall see what the dr. says Thursday:) Next post may be a precious baby girl.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cabo '08
What 82 year old do you know that can lay at the beach in Cabo
On Thursday at the Hospital she described her favorite dress she was a blue sequin dress
She always loved the beach
Reading books to Mackey at Christmas
4 Generations of Elizabeth's
I love this picture of Mackey adoring GG
Widows Banquet 08'
Plato with Paxton Julia Elizabeth "Betty" Pigg
A beautiful lady has recently entered the kingdom of Heaven. Though I will miss GG/Grandma here on earth it is hard to mourn knowing that she lived her entire life to see Jesus. Once you have been in the presence of GG you saw a little piece of Jesus here on earth. She was the most giving, encouraging, and elegant lady I know. I love her so much and miss her but share in her JOY that I know she is experiencing in Heaven.
Things that I Think of When I think of GG:
1) Factory Connection- She always took us shopping there in Center
2) Who you go to when you break up from a boyfriend. She always knew what to say.
3) Chicken Spaghetti and Chocolate pies
4) Asking Paxton to draw her a picture for her refrigerator
5) Her speaking to the Aggie Sisters of Christ at A&M and imparting her wisdom on us
6) Her letters that came with "Julia" monogrammed in blue- she was a great letter writer
7) Washing our laundry when we were at camp Huawni
8) Going to the Lake Country Inn for lunch after church
9) Fridays taking GG. Mackey, and Paxton to McDonald's... GG was a sucker for a big greasy hamburger and fries. I guess I got my love of junk food from here.
10) Seeing all the journals and bibles that cluttered her ottoman...She seemed to have an infinite gift for being in the Word and found satisfaction in her Savior.