Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Wonderful Hostess...Carlien, Angela, Me, Erica, and Shay
Me, Amy, and Carrie
Kirby and I are very blessed by friendship. Some of my girl friends threw me a small little shower to help welcome Sweet Kirby. The theme was "Sex in the City" was absolutely adorable. I could not ask for anything else than the precious out pouring of love from friends...I am blessed. The invitation read as follows: (how very clever girls)
Whitney's having baby number three...
Sounds like too much "Sex in the City".
Strap on your heels and join us for faux-tinis and appetizers...
Wasn't that just TOOOO clever.


Brent and Abbey said...

Kirby is just beautiful! Did Mackey or Paxton have that much DARK hair??? So glad you are home with all 3 sweet babies! I can't believe you didn't slap that anestisiologist silly!

Miss Priss' Momma said...

She's beautiful!

I can't believe the epi didn't work - how miserable!