Friday, September 12, 2008

Avoiding Collin Creek Mall and Charlie Gibson

This week two things made me VERY mad: 1) Angela and I went to Collin Creek Mall (the mall that no one goes to because it is gross but we were only going to let the kids play.) After we ate we went to the play area. You know that I would be the first to say that my kids acted a fool. After about 5 minutes of playing (there was a total of 5 kids in the play area) a security guard came over and only told Angela and I that he had had two complaints of noise and that if it happened again he would have to ask us to leave the play area. Of course...I was incredulous and just kept saying how ridiculous this was, not to mention that in all the stores surrounding the play area there was not one customer. 5 minutes later he was back and stated that we were on our third warning which meant.... Well, you don't have a play area at the mall and not expect noise. We then loaded up the kids headed up the elevator through the food court and down a long hall to the Management Office. There we were meat by "Heather" ( no names have been changed) who we explained the situation. She stated, "I could hear the noise from the play area all the way up here." Well, sarcastic Whitney stated first Heather the costumer is always right and we would like to talk to the manager (I refrained from stating that an answer from her was not adequate) and I found it very hard to believe that she could hear from the first floor, through the food court, and down a 40ft hall way. The Manager "Kent" was very nice but very political. He never stated that it should not have happened just that he hoped we would still shop here with friends. I think through Angela and I he got the point that neither of us would ever shop there again and I vowed to let everyone know that while shopping there with kids you must remain on high alert and make sure that your kids are on their best behavior or face being rejected by the worst mall in DFW. 2) The other thing that REALLY ticked me off happened last night. I watched only a small portion of Charlie Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin. I will be watching the rest on 20/20 tonight. I thought that he was very RUDE and kept trying to trap her in his questions. I really like Sarah Palin, I feel she is relate able and seems to have a strong Christian stance which is reflected in her desire to really do what she feels is right. I thought Charlie's game of asking the same question over and over again to see if she answered one word different was absurd. What makes me more frustrated is that have any of these HARD questions been asked to Obama or do we just let him off because the media is democratic and they are mesmerized by his eloquent speeches. Has Obama ever resolved anything through meeting with a foreign leader? Hasn't Obama's opinions on drilling and oil changed since running for the president. Let's stop talking about Sarah's lack of experince and talk about Obama's, he's the one that will be the president. But of course this will never happen because we live in a society that democratic. Sorry to use this blog as a way to vent...noramlly is a way to cherish the precious moments in my life but this week I was frustrated.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of School 2008

Big Boy is very excited...amazing what a difference a year makes. Making our way to the room 3A My girlfriends and I after dropping the kids off went for coffee and breakfast at Spoons. Mackey is there she is just hiding behind Tammy. It was a great way to start off the school year. Paxton is really excited about school this year. One of his greatest friends Micah is in his class. He was so excited he has been pointing to it everyday as we pass it on the highway for about 2 months. We are so excited about this school. It is at a church that has a private school that is really focused on Jesus. He made sweet artwork, played outside, and slept. When we came to get him he was so asleep, he did not want to wake up. He loved Mrs. Joni and gave her a sweet hug before we left. I am so excited for Paxton and for me...although I still have my biggest mess at my right side.

Tan Man Friends...We are looking forward to Baby Brewer Standing on the Sidelines...the view doesn't get any better.
Eat at Layne's Waiting for the Game to Start Can't you just hear the Music We headed down to College Station for what we thought would be a victory...of course those Aggies, who we love found a way to start the season off on the wrong foot. Of course our ASU Alum football player friend (Tab) was REALLY excited. He did a really good job of being humble...really!!! We had a good time meeting up with old friends and introducing them to new friends. And of course we had to have lunch at Layne's, buy some new Aggie shirts for the kids, and watch the corp march in. Tanner Searight joined the Corp at Texas A&M Galveston and is looking to transfer to College Station next year. He had his head shaved and was already being recruited by outfits for next year...We are really proud of him:)