Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Mother's Day..

I had a great mother's day...nice and relaxing. I got a gift card for new Estee Lauder make-up with a make-up makeover. Very creative...props to Rusty. Rusty left Sunday afternoon for Boston so I spent Mother's Day with my mom and GG. We had PatPat's specialty...steaks. The next weekend the Austin Piggs headed up and we honored GG again at Poppy's. We have a great Matriarch...GG. On Saturday we got to honor Grandma Cox. We enjoyed steaks, playing in the backyard, and playing dress-up in all the costumes. Paxton and Mackey put on a modeling show for Big Daddy and Grandma. We are so blessed to have mother's/Grandmother's that are great. And I am so blessed to be a mother.

What were We thinking...

Here comes the Ostrich
How many children can we fit into the Front console???
The Ostrich
The Alamo and its pretty grass
The Moose

Mackey at the Old country Store
Paxton the Pilot
Paxton and the bulldozer

Paxton milking the cow...
The face
The Best Group Pic we Got

Last week...Rusty and Scott were out of town so we decided to take a girls road trip to San Antonio to go to Sea World. It always helps when planning a vacation to do some research. I booked my first ever hotel on priceline so..we were set except that a few days before the trip we realized Sea World was closed. We did some creative thinking and decided to shop at the best outlets ever in San Marcos, visit the Children's Museum, the Alamo (especially since Angela had never been to the Riverwalk/Alamo, swim, and visit Natural Bridge Safari.

Highlights of the trip starting on day one and ending on day three:

1) We bought a canvas Coleman bag to put all our luggage and strollers so we would have room in the car. Late Sunday night I put the luggage/stroller on top of the proud of myself:) I back out Monday morning at 6am. Too tall canvas cannot fit under the garage door...not so proud of myself:( Get to Angela's and we reload. I really think when we pulled into the 4 star Omni hotel they wanted the hill billies (girls on top of car with LOTS of little children) to pull around back.

2) Children at Pottery Barn (first store). Melt down city but Angela and I refuse to be was the goal. As I am waiting to Angela to check out, me and all the kids are sitting at the entrance of the store on this PB rug. Apparently Mackey's diaper had become loose. I looked down to see urine running down her leg and on to I am sure an expensive rug:) I did not know what to do...the store was ready for us to leave before we even got there. Then as this is occurring: Paxton pees in his pants, Brant poops, and then Morgan poops. I was laughing hysterically. And I thought...what were we thinking.

3)We name the Garmin(direction guide) Fonda. With her deep mysterious voice she leads us to downtown SA to go the Children's Museum. She also leads us WAY OUT OF THE WAY to Hemispheres park...did I mention we are on foot. What were we thinking.

4) At Children's Museum..we lose Paxton for about 4 minutes. Of course there was no private place to scold/beat him. My expectations were WAY too high for SA museum..comparing to Boston's is not fair.
We had a good time. Children are melting down. We walk over to Riverwalk...did I mention that to find an elevator to get down to Riverwalk is not easy and once there, there are no gates to block almost three year olds from falling into the River. Fun times...what were we thinking.

5) The Also cops with whistles wanting almost tree year olds to STAY OFF the grass. Didn't stay long.

6)Back at the Hotel...Exhausted. We went swimming. Apparently Paxton is scared to death to swim and Mackey is a drowning hazard. Jumping in everywhere with so much confidence.

7)We made it to La Fagada...we are so tired. See Brant with boulder sized rock about to chunk it into beautiful fountain, It's time to Go...What were we thinking.

8)Natural Bridge Safari...really expensive but children thought it was great...until the ostrich. SCARED TO DEATH. Its neck extended all the way to the center console and the children were in the back the fastest I have ever seen. Angela also very fast is throwing food out the window to get it out of the car. Did I mention at every turn was a hungry ostrich???

We had so many fun moments. Even though Angela and I were exhausted and it was a lot of work. We created

great memories and I look forward to our decision to do annual adventures...maybe with husbands next time. There are not many people/friends that could handle a vacation like this and allow you to discipline each others children and "Go with the flow." I am so thankful for friends that I can share adventures with.