Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rusty and I keep asking when is Mackey going to grow out of her messy phase...we have decided never. She can't do anything without making a mess. Don't worry this icing only stained her skin for one night.
Tab and Andrew entertaining Paxton with some "set, hut" football. Paxton doesn't appreciate that he is playing with two Division 1 football players.
Waiting to eat some good Mexican Food at Mi Cocina We have a new super cool shopping area in Allen. It is an outdoor mall with lots of shopping. The greatest part is that most of the restaurants are open to outdoor play areas for the kids, full of metal longhorns and ducks. This last weekend we were able to have some Shull/Slaughter time. The Shulls enjoyed free childcare for Kensington while Paxton and Mackey enjoyed some special time with special friends. Later that night some old friends from Liberty City came up and joined in with our McKinney friends...obliviously Karleigh, Paxton, and especially Mackey enjoyed some Celebrity Bakery cookies complete with black icing. We had a great, full weekend with friends.