Sunday, November 27, 2005


Well, Thanksgiving was awesome! We flew to Branson late Tuesday afternoon. For those of you who do not know my relatives in Branson (daddy's aunt) own the old Branson Inn...which is/was a Bed and Breakfast. Branson was a lot of fun with the family. Everyone from my grandma's side was there. The happy news for Aunt Cynthia and Randy is that the B&B has sold. As neat as the B&B experience is/was they are ready to move and start hanging out in a living room with the 2nd grader in their lives, Kevin. We flew back to Dallas Friday to hang out with the Pigg side of the family...(yes I did say Pigg, Suesue's maiden name was Pigg). We did some nice relaxing and more eating. I got lots of kisses from my great grandma Pigg and aunts. My mom and dad were going to go to Six Flags but the lines were so long they went to Game Works instead. I got to hang out with Aunt Kelly, Uncle Gib, and Great Grandma and Grandpa Searight. I love G. Gma Searight, mom was told I did lots of flirting with her. Saturday we went to Decatur for some Searight loving and I got my first Christmas tree ever. One of mom and dads youth group boys sold it to them. As you can guess Sunday we went to church and I and mom have been napping ever since. We did some serious resting and snuggling. So as you can read the week was filled with lots of family who we are so blessed to have.