Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Away from Mom for a whole week

I will have you all know that this week and this week only is Paxton's first week away from his mom. Mom is going back to work in the ICU at Medical Center McKinney and is going to work every Monday night from 7p-7a (scary!!)...she figures she can handle nights since she feels like she is awake all the time feeding me. Well, she has had orientation this whole week. I am staying with Tammy Jones from church, she has my friend Brooks. I am not sure so far how he has felt about sharing his mommy with me. He is always staring at me and kinda giggles occassionally. Brooks is 2 months older than me. I think haning out with him half the day on Tuesdays will be pretty fun...we seem to have a lot in common.