Monday, April 10, 2006

10 month B-day

Please note: two bottom teeth and one coming on the top! (still no hair)
Where did the time go...From Angel by Day Beast by Night...To an independent crawler, stander, eater, sleeper. Paxton has lots of friends whom he socializes with every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. He is busy, BUSY:> Someone must have known that the door stops are worth hours of entertainment to a baby...He loves the sounds they make and also loves to put the rubber white part right into his mouth. He went for his last round of Synagis shots today , ordered off the kids menu, and can now officially see over the top of the bed by standing up. He says mama, nana, and of course dada. His favorite things include: ice cream, BOOKS with pop-ups, being naked, baths, knocking things over, and DOGS. When Paxton is upset all he has to do is see a dog and that makes everything all better...kinda weird since his nursery is dogs and was done prior to knowing his likes. He understands the word "no" but chooses to ignore and also likes to smile big upon receiving a pop on the hand...I'm not sure how much harder you can pop someone's hand!?! He is small but packs a mean punch when needed and also has a lot of personality. The nursery worker at church warned that we are in trouble because he, like her son knew how to turn up the charm...She said he just knows when to smile big to get what he wants. It's amazing how you can leave the room for 5 seconds and come back and he is in a different location clear across the room..Getting into something different. He also had is first underwater experience the other day with the dad on duty...He didn't so much like it, but continues to try an take plunges!!!


uncle randy said...

Paxton you look just like your daddy in the top picture. I hope Drew smiles as much as you do. You're so cute. We can't wait to see you again.

Julie said...

Hey Whitney~
I have been meaning to leave a comment on your blog. Your little one is too cute. I have enjoyed checking out pictures of your precious Paxton. I hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for the pictures.
Julie New