Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday

Holding still for the face painting
The Monsoon, only the beginning. People are in their cars because the rain is so hard they can't get to the party
Mackey with Whitey while the birthday set up occurred
Our little sailors.
The can't see the 3D boat. The cake taste was awesome.


Where has the time gone. It was two years ago that my heart broke as we drove from the hospital and you were staying in the NICU. I asked the same question everyday "When do you think he can come home?" My life hasn't been the same without you. You are my best friend, I almost don't know what to do without you during the days you are away from me. You have the tan I want...your only in the sun for a 10 min. and dark but completely eaten by bugs. You must be really sweet because you are just like me in that you are loved by the bugs. Forgive me for any scars you are left with from childhood. You adorable and ornery faces are ones that you learned somewhere. You have a face for every occasion. I love that when you hear music with soul once your booty starts shaking the rest of you cannot help but shake too. You precious hugs and kisses are things I hope you give me freely always. And who will ever forget..."unCAR". You are famous for your obsession with cars. The Sunday School teachers dread seeing you cry the entire 2 hours. It is ridiculous all the crying but I am honored you miss us this much. I admire your loving spirit and your zeal for life. You are a child of God. I pray that the people you are surrounded by share the love of the Lord and spur you in a direction to be a Godly man. I pray that a relationship with God is your greatest treasure. You are so precious and we are so thankful for the two years that you have turned our world upside down.

Row, Row, Row Your boat to Paxton's 2nd Birthday Party. Paxton celebrated his 2nd b-day with a bang...literally. The pools were full, the balls blown-up, and the go fish game ready. At exactly 2 o clock when the party began a monsoon hit...only in Country Ridge. My parents which lived 5 miles away had no rain. We had 50mph winds, HAIL, and a torrential down pour. The party lived on!! The cake was delicious, the sweet girls from next door set up the face painting booth, and the presents were opened. The first present was a plane with people and we were done and in heaven. The expensive swing set given by the grandparents and us was not even used this week, apparently the slide is HOT. He will be forced to slide soon, that is his parents hard earned dollar at work which we were sure he'd love. The annoying vacuum cleaner was a favorite among many. We are raising a group of men who like to clean!! It was a little disappointing that the boys weren't able to really play outside but we appreciate everyone who took the hail damage and sat in their car for the storm to pass in order to celebrate our two year old. Thank you!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Paxton! I love the pic of the monsoon! Someone here was trying to tell me there was no differance in a rain "storm" here and a Texas Thunderstorm.