Monday, June 11, 2007

83 Years

The girls
The men
They must have scored, Paxton was into giving Big Willy high fives.
He must have seen Big Willy using the cane and thought it looked like a good way to get around
She was really into the people watching.
The ice cream that made the night

Paxton and Big Willy are exactly 81 years apart. What has begun to be a tradition...we spend Big Willy and Paxton's birthday in a suite at the Ranger Game. We had a great time and Paxton really got into the cheering. We got the hook up through Gib. The Ranger food service brought in a cake for Paxton and Big Willy complete with candles. They also brought in awesome friut but the highlight for Paxton was the ice cream and the stuff to make Sundays...wipe cream, nuts, and strawberries. It was a great night and a great way to wrap up a birthday weekend.